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Superior Benefits and also Privileges

Earn SKYPASS mile while enjoying exclusive benefits and privileges.

Annual fee: $95 check out terms and conditions.

Bilingual automatic 24-hour account accessBilingual customer company availableWorldwide acceptance and easy cash accessFraud Protection

We may change APRs, fees, and other Account state in the future based on your suffer with U.S. Bank National Association and its affiliates as detailed under the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.

The creditor and issuer of this cards is U.S. Financial institution National Association, pursuant come a patent from Visa U.S.A. Inc. And also these cards are accessible to joined States residents only.

In the occasion of discrepancy between the English and Korean language on this document, the English version will prevail.

While this communication is readily available in Korean, complying with U.S. Bank communications, and also documents concerned your contractual agreements, disclosures, notices, and also statements, Internet and also mobile bank services might only be accessible in English. If you room unable to read and also understand these documents, speak to Cardmember Service and also ask because that a oriental speaking representative.

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Subject to credit transaction Approval. Account must be open and in an excellent standing to earn rewards and benefits. Upon approval, please describe your Cardmember agreement for added information.

The Contactless Symbol and also Contactless Indicator space trademarks own by and also used v the permission that EMVCo, LLC.

1 invest $3,000 in network Purchases on your account in ~ the very first 90 work of account opening and also earn 30,000 Bonus Miles. Net purchases room purchases minus credits and returns. No all transactions room eligible to earn rewards, such as Advances, Balance Transfers, and Convenience Checks. Top top approval, check out your Cardmember covenant for details. Bonus Miles will be credited to your account 6 to 8 weeks after you have actually met the invest requirement. Previous account closed within the critical 12 months will certainly be reopened and also no enrollment miles will be awarded. Select and also Signature: Miles will be awarded come the major cardmember account. Signature Business: Miles will be vested to each employee"s individual SKYPASS account. Invest on multiple cards might not be an unified to fulfill the requirement.
2 enable 8 come 10 weeks ~ the yearly fee is paid because that your yearly renewal Bonus mile to be awarded to her SKYPASS account. Annual fee have to be payment in the month that is because of be eligible for rejuvenation Bonus mile credit. Particular limitations and also restrictions may apply.
3 knife 2 miles for every $1 in qualifying network Purchases ~ above qualified korean Air ticket purchases. Network purchases are purchases minus credits and also returns. Qualified purchases incorporate Korean Air tickets where korean Air is the seller of record on your statement, such together tickets to buy through korean Air ticket agents or Her SKYPASS Select, Visa Signature or Signature company card need to be supplied to make the purchase in stimulate to it is in eligible for double Miles. Any kind of cancellations or credits of korean Air ticket purchase will counter future twin Miles deserve through extr Korean air ticket purchases. All double Miles postings space at the discretion of oriental Air. For service cardmembers, miles are attributed to the employee’s individual SKYPASS account supplied to purchase the korean Air ticket. For twin Miles discrepancies, please contact Korean Air business Center at 1-800-438-5000.
4 knife 2 Miles for every $1 in qualifying net Purchases throughout each billing cycle because that transactions made straight with sellers who divide their organization as a gas station or hotel company. Miles are earned top top qualifying net Purchases. Network purchases space purchases minus credits and also returns. Top top approval, watch your Cardmember covenant for details. U.S. Bank cannot control how merchants choose to share their business or transactions and also reserves the best to identify which Purchases will qualify and also in i m sorry category. We will not award Miles for Advances, Convenience Checks, Balance Transfers, interest Charges and Fees, credit insurance charges, or transactions come fund specific prepaid card products.
5 net purchases room purchases minus credits and also returns. No all transactions space eligible to earn rewards, such as Advances, Balance Transfers, and also Convenience Checks. ~ above approval, see your Cardmember agreement for details.
6 Discount uses to qualified oriental Air ticket to buy on made in ~ 90 days indigenous the day the coupon is deposited right into cardmember’s SKYPASS account. Main cardmember will obtain a $50 discount coupon in cardmember’s SKYPASS account top top SKYPASS Visa Signature or Signature business card account opening and also each anniversary date. Please allow 10 service days from brand-new account opening and up to 4-6 weeks because that anniversary accounts, because that the coupons to be deposited right into your SKYPASS account. Coupon applies to call Class and also Economy class base fares, excluding taxes and surcharges. Certain destination and fare types may not be eligible because that discount offer. Coupon is precious from korean Air north American gateways come Asia on korean Air activate flights through the very same outbound (departure route) and inbound (return route) trip itinerary and also may no be applied to tickets through stopovers and multi-leg journey. To situate your coupon, (1) log in in to your account on by clicking Login ~ above the optimal right next of key page, (2) click mine Dashboard, (3) pick My Coupons tab, and (4) inspect your coupon noted under mine promotional coupons. To redeem the coupon, (1) log in in come account top top, (2) click book a trip from the top food selection bar and also book her flight, (3) in Payment section, click promo Coupon in ~ Coupon Discount and choose her discount coupon and click Apply, (4) discount coupon amount will be deducted from base Fare. Discount will be canceled and full fare will certainly be charged if any type of changes space made after ticket has been issued. Discount may not be used to award tickets, update awards, tickets which include other airline flights, or tickets the have already been issued. Coupon is non-transferrable, non-refundable and also non-endorsable. This discount ticket sell cannot be an unified with any kind of other offer. The Account should be open and also in good standing in ~ time the discount is applied. Your SKYPASS Visa Signature or Signature Business card must be supplied to make the ticket purchase in stimulate to use the ticket coupon. Cardmembers should pay yearly fee in the month the is because of be eligible because that the ticket discount.
7 sell valid in associate with oriental Air tickets on oriental Air operated flights and cannot be provided with tickets issued by various other airlines. Oriental Air airplane Lounges in korean Air gateway cities within north America and Seoul (Incheon), Korea only. Lounge Coupon is valid because that one (1) lounge use only and must it is in surrendered top top entering a korean Air Lounge. To access a korean Air Lounge in phibìc American oriental Air gateway cities, or to access the KAL reputation Lounge at Incheon after check-in or en course to the final destination, proceed directly to the Lounge through the Coupon. Each year, the main cardmember will receive two (2) Lounge Coupons 8 come 10 weeks after your yearly fee is paid. Cardmembers should pay annual fee in the month the is due to be eligible for Lounge Coupons.
8 Morning Calm club members are entitled come exclusive check-in services, KAL lounge access, priority package handling and SkyTeam elite member status. For more details, visit
9 particular conditions and also exclusions apply. Refer to your SKYPASS Visa overview to services for an ext information.
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10 specific restrictions might apply. Watch because that details.
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11 Visa Signature cardholders space responsible for the payment that any and also all charges connected with any type of goods, services, bookings or reservations purchased or arranged by the Visa Signature Concierge top top cardholders’ behalf. Any kind of such to buy or arrangements space solely in between the cardholder and also the respective merchant, and also Visa is not a party come the transaction. All goods and also services subject to availability. See complete terms of organization at
12 The Signature card offers the benefit of a No Preset safety Limit and also a Revolve limit that enables you to bring a designated part of your balance indigenous one statement come the next. A No Preset Spending limit does not mean endless spending. Authorizations are listed using info such together account history, credit record, revenue verification and liquid assets. If card issuer authorizes a transaction that reasons you to exceed her revolving credit line, then you have to pay, together a part of your monthly minimum quantity due, the amount whereby your new balance exceeds your credit line. Only accessible for consumer Signature card, and also does not use to Signature service or Signature Company. Details limitations and also restrictions may apply. Please describe for regimen details.
13 No one deserve to prevent all identification theft. To confirm eligibility, visit

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14 free credit score access, Alerts and also Score Simulator with TransUnion"s CreditView™ Dashboard are obtainable to U.S. Bank Online banking customers only. Alerts need a TransUnion database match. That is possible that some enrolled members may not qualify because that the alarm functionality. Totally free credit score accessibility is not easily accessible in the U.S. Bank Mobile app. The free VantageScore® credit transaction score from TransUnion® is for educational functions only and not provided by U.S. Financial institution to make credit transaction decisions.