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PureMusic If you're trying to find thrash influenced speed steel, you found it. Raise your fist and bang your head! Favorite track: Ranger.
Botanica Pentresidence Hard to pick a favorite track!This album is full of faceripping, skull melting guitar solos and soul summoning drums that would gain you pumped prefer fucking Conan The Barbarian. This shit will certainly stop you on your tracks even more than once bereason the solo dueling obtained also fucking intense or the songs got to fucking heavy and fast you cant walk or execute anypoint anyeven more.Rest in Speed!
Televiper Apex predator level rate steel through the title track being among my all-time favorite thrash tunes. Favorite track: Knights Of Darkness.
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When the hour strikes 13There's a vicious sceneIt's ripping, ripping it down to your kneesThere's no usage to hideYou can't run amethod from the needSound of blazing steelThrusting right into your earsPrepare for the blast'Causage ranger's about to attack!!!!Armed through the powerShape this last hourTry to run, it never stopsRanger's command also ascendancy the landWe're burning with rageMetal explodes to your face!In the midnite we ride to conquer the questLike supersonic grinder, we thrash via all the restMidnite sinners are chanting with the nightEvil, blood and also hatred burns in our eyesWe are bound to break all the rulesPower of METAL is what we choosePossessed by feedback and also screaming guitarsTen thousand megawatts crushes you from beneath!Chorus:CALL ON RANGER! HE IS THE RULERCALL ON RANGER! RULER OF THE NITECALL ON RANGER! POWER OF THE NITEStick it to ya!GUITAR DUELSOLO: JAAKKOII SOLO: VERNERICHORUS

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Touch Of Death 03:25
Stalking you in the night when the moon is brightMy blood runs high, I'm goin' to lose my mind!Grip of fact quickly deteriorateSoon my mind turns black and also the excite begins!Chorus:RUN! BETTER HIDE!SHOOT TO THRILL, I RULE THE NIGHTRUN! BETTER HIDE!'CAUSE I GOT.. THE TOUCH OF DEATHAs terror sets in you won't give inDeadly intentions.. begin!!I love how the blood starts to run from your veinsTwelve inch steel blade stick it to your brain!CHORUSStalking you in the night once the moon is brightMy blood runs high, I'm goin' to lose my mind!Grip of truth conveniently deteriorateSoon my mind transforms babsence and the excite begins!CHORUSSOLO: VERNERIII SOLO: JAAKKO
Steel Dawn 05:03
Tonite!Bursting out at nite our will to fightCity ignites in flames and gangs rule the roads... via the iron fistsDeath from over, produced belowTen thousand loads of steel clashes the earthTrapped within a deadly curse!The curse!Red eyes filled with fire and also tormentThey're on the prowl again360 degrees of mind twisting hellCutting via the darkness prefer a bladeThey're heading on your way!Feel the rush of power, it takes you to the topTonite I'll increase, you feel my deadly touchPrepare to enter duels to the deathDuels to the death!SOLO: VERNERIII SOLO: JAAKKOBursting out at nite our will to fightFeel the screams from deep insideTheir eyes burns a hole in your backVicious strikes will hunt dvery own your packHavoc echo throughout the skies of blackCHORUSFight! With steel!Steel dawn!We kill!

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Supreme Evil 02:58
Hot burning metalBurns up the nightSkin turns to leatherSpit out the fire!Riders dressed in blackScreams attack!At the crack of doom, you will certainly obey my ruleRiders dressed in blackScreams attack!Hear the rumble about, you will fall!Chorus:HOT! BURNING! METAL!SUPREME EVIL, SURPRISE ATTACKSearching for preyThe look in their eyesWill cast you away!Riders dressed in blackScreams attack!At the crack of doom, you will certainly obey my ruleRiders dressed in blackScreams attack!You will fall!CHORUSSOLO: JAAKKO
Knights Of Darkness 06:14
Ride right into the night of darknessWith the mounties made of steelV8 engines screamsThroughout the land via the swords in our handsRise! Knights of darkness!None shall cross their pathFight! With the metal in our veins!We're pertained to kill, taking every last breathRipped their skulls off their backBabsence blood runs via our veinsHear the pounding of the hammersCrushing everyone in our wayRise! Knights of darkness!None shall cross their pathFight! With the steel in our veins!SOLO: JAAKKOA future people where violence explodesKnights of darkness they come out of the skyFeel the power plunging right with your spineCountdvery own to your deathShocking your skull to exceptionally deadly endCrawl out from the depths of hellNuclear nightmare beginsDeath screams the battlecryOnly law is an eye for an eyeEye for an eye!Cities turned into cemeteriesBy a radiated blastwaveBorn of evil, born of bloodBetter run, better hideRip your flesh - end of chaseYou meet via terror, you attract the aceSteel beneath steelCrushing with its mightRacing into the night through fury and also fire!Blazing thunder cracks the skyRiders under the commandPlunged into the final fight!!