As the name argues I need some help coming up with names for a knightly order. These knights would be mainly paladins of Pelor yet they don't use his sunlight disc as an emblem. Instead this order likes to play up the "help those that require it" and also so they've adopted an open gauntlet. The gauntlet to indicate stamina and it's open to symbolize nonaggression.

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Please help!


Why not simply go through the Order of the Open Gauntlet?

It is simple, it claims what is on the tin, and also you have the right to rank the orders based upon the gauntlets.

Matt Colville mentioned enjoying/making use of names favor "The Path" because just how it can be supplied - for example: "The Path winds with this city" and also I believed that sounded cool.

So what about sindicate "The Hand"?

"The Hand lifts those in need"

"The Hand also guides those along the best path"

"The Hand is always open to you"

You get the principle. Anyway, something to think about.

The order of cheesy goodness

The order of solid compassion

The order of handy guys

The order of assistance

The order of painful bear hugs

The order of guys that aid world not cause they gain paid yet because it's the ideal thing to do although they execute obtain phelp by the order itself and also not the human being they help it's actually all off of donations and also if there's no docountries they can't help human being cause they don't gain to eat so when they assist you perhaps give a generous reminder.

The Sunlight Agreement (Wink wink, dark souls) Alternatively: The Sunlight Brotherhood

Order of the Helping Hand also, perhaps?

I would go through something basic like: "The Hand" "Pelor's Hand" They could have a more official title but civilization might usage somepoint brief prefer these as shorthand also for the name.

the house of pelor

the order of the gilded gauntlet/palm

the order of the gold master

pelor's mercy

the ordained residence of pelor's (open) hand

the order of the offering gauntlet

The Almsgivers (or simply The Givers)

The Taken Hand

The Light of the World

The Housage of the Rising Sun (kek)

The Radiant Exemplars (or simply the Radiants for short)

That's all I obtained, sorry.

All I have the right to imagine now is the Littlest Hobo. Wandering from place to area helping people through their troubles.

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