Mordred's anger within Camelot lead to him further arising his vast techniques. Each ability provides a stat that continues to be until Mordred uses one more ability, the maintains the previous buff because that 5 seconds yet both buffs room weakened through 75% until the 5 seconds are over, the services from ability 4 walk not use to this rules. The multiple sclerosis from capability 4 is maintained until the Ult runs out. If versus King Arthur the Cleave top top Knights lessen will become a cripple just for KA.( Max selection 2 sec

CD:12 sec

Damage:75/125/175/225/275(50% of her Physical Power)


(A an excellent way to visualize this ability is come look in ~ the animation of Tsukuyomi's ranged auto ~ above his 3)

Ability 2: Knights Diminish

Mordred dashes forward damaging opponents in his path. At the finish of the dash he pulls the end his knife Clarent to do an additional cleave strike at the end. The capability CD is lowered relying on the amount of gods hit by the cleave. If canceled early on you give up the cleave.

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Cleave Damage: 70/110/150/190/230(50% of her Physical Power)

Dash Range:40

Cone range 30

Cost:70 mana

(Imagine Hachi's dash without the stun and also the end of the assault being a cone)

Ability 3: Vitality

Mordred thrust Clarent right into the floor embedding it's energy and heat right into a area in prior of that knocking up opponents in the area. The energy travels the ground until it emerges at the ar set. The ability does extr damage based upon 50% your highest possible protection.

CD:14 sec

Knock increase strength: 350 (Tyr blue fearless elevation )

Damage:70/115/160/205/250(30% of her Physical Power)

Radius:40 method to visualize the relocate without Issei gift there lol and less computer animation time)

Ability 4: Camelot's Demise

Mordred absorbs the energy of Clarent to authorize himself. Enemies roughly him throughout the begin up will take burn damage every second for 5 seconds, the burn damages will deal additional damage based on 10% that your highest protection. Throughout this time percent damages will be included to his abilities.

CD:90 sec

Duration:7 sec

Max Hp Damage:3%/4%/5%6%/7%

Burn damages radius:25


Ok native trying to make this kit ns really wanted to walk away indigenous a jungle type of warrior even though you deserve to still perhaps jungle him it simply won't be as efficient as his solo from the services he has and also low scaling (except on the 2). Through Mordred's passive I want his abilities to play a large portion in actually acquiring the passive come work, but with the benefits noted most human being would simply use his 1 and 2 because that power and mitigations to it is in a monster in fights for this reason weakening the passive if the buffs room stacking would bring it much more in heat such similar to Hel not having actually the max services of the light and dark passive once stance switching. Plus I wanted to see everyone reaction come the KA part of the passive I included even despite it's a joke lmao. V the 1 I wanted to make a capacity that has good range yet not have very oppressive damage since the selection is far, also with the added benefit of a root that deserve to vary relying on the targets range, therefore if her close to the target the root will certainly be an extremely short while if your far away you acquire a very long root duration. With his ability 2 I wanted it to be among his key ways to acquire off damages as viewed from the CD and damage, yet with the capability I want it come be profitable to fight multiple god so you can obtain the CD reduction. Then through the 3 I want the damage to be ok due to the fact that it's a pretty huge ability but with the short scaling and decent base damage the benefit of the capability wouldn't be together high in jungle contrasted to if your solo. Likewise with the 3 I want the ability to advantage his solo an ext then jungle as seen from the damage increase from structure protections, plus indigenous solo laners not structure as much damage and also pen item it'll pains squishes an ext then it would certainly a tank so it allows him to be able to kill a squishy easier then tanks. Following with the ult the vision I had is come let Mordred have the ability to deal good damage in the term he has the buff, through the burn damages you have the right to react to it far better compared come initial damage since it's a dot so you deserve to lifesteal in this time duration to protect against dying come it, however alongside the ult I want him to feel rewarded for structure as a solo indigenous the damage increase native the protections as well. To add I want to add HP damages instead that true damage because it's constantly hard come balance true damage(Tsuki and KA). But from the max HP damage he'll be able to dish out tons of damages in the time frame but with the 7 2nd duration that won't have the ability to get multiple supplies of his abilities also with max CD other than his 2 for this reason if you want to get more value out of the ult you have to use his 2 come its max potential. To add to the architecture of Mordred I wanted to include Clarent which to be the sword he used, some short articles depicted Clarent to be a magical sword which provided fire so ns tried to have actually this displayed in his abilities.

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I forgot to point out that this is my second time with making this concept so contrasted to the first time i posted this that is a lot an ext in heat from damage numbers, CC, and also etc. Overall if girlfriend all discover this principle to it is in cool and also can prove to be a great design in the game that'll be awesome. Likewise please comment what you every think around the principle such as if friend think it's negative or what you would change about it.