Whether you favor it or not, stealing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a vital skill to end up being knowledgeable in if you want to complete particular pursuits. While for the the majority of component the techniques of stealing are reasonably straightforward to grasp, tright here are a few points to save in mind for each method:


Pickpocketing is a risky service. The first thing to execute is get the initial training gave by Miller Peshek at Rattay Mill. Once you know the basics you can go out in the civilization to exercise the ability. The ideal methods to rise your opportunities of success involve considering your attire and also the establishing of the act. In regards to attire, wear as little bit as possible and rerelocate any type of items through high noise ratings. Never before run, and also keep in mind that crouching near the target will certainly reduce the level of noise you make. In regards to setting, it is recommfinished to pickpocket only as soon as you are certain that there is no one in the vicinity who can capture you doing it. When possible, pick to pickpocket at night to discover cover in darkness. Anvarious other benefit of pickpocketing at night is that you can sneak into the resting quarters of the targain and also pickpocket them as they sleep, thereby minimising the risk of being captured.

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(1 of 2) Time elapsed while browsing a targain determines how a lot time you need to select specific items, but it also boosts the threat of being caught. End your search as the icon turns from yellow to red.



Time elapsed while searching a tarobtain determines just how much time you have to select certain items, but it also rises the risk of being recorded. End your search as the symbol turns from yellow to red. (left), Upon releasing the search an inventory will show up that you must sift with within the allotted time to uncover the desired item. Remember to navigate earlier to the door icon to successfully steal the item. (right)

When pickpocketing at any type of time take treatment not to bump right into your tarobtain or get also close to them, even as they sleep. If they detect your presence as you initiate the process of pickpocketing, they will alert the population to your condition as a thief and also your reputation in the associated area will certainly be lessened.


Lockpicking is maybe the most widespread way in which you might uncover yourself stealing. Just like pickpocketing, the establishing and also time of day will certainly affect your possibilities of success. If you are attempting to steal from a chest or house with guards patrolling surrounding or citizens in attendance, take the moment to note their activities to determine the a lot of opportune minute of activity. The chests and doors that you are qualified of properly opening is based on your lockpicking ability level and the obstacle of the lock. Lock difficulties variety from very straightforward, basic, tough and exceptionally tough. Tbelow is additionally a range of challenge within each category; where you open up one tough chest, another might be difficult to open until you obtain sufficient suffer. It is a great principle to spfinish some time (preferably at night) picking locks that are within your variety of capability to gradually rise your lockpicking skill level. As you level you will certainly unlock particular perks that will certainly make the entirety process a lot much easier.


Once you have actually opened up the lockpick system, move the small silver round till it grows bigger and eventually turns gold. You have the right to currently rotate the lock very closely while preserving the place of the gold ball. If you fail to follow the rotation the lockpick will certainly break.

Knock out / Stealth kill¶

In order to ensure that you obtain the items that you aim to steal without being recorded, you deserve to take the even more drastic meacertain of knocking out or even stealth killing the tarobtain before you steal from them. This deserve to be done by crouching behind or over the taracquire while they sleep and selecting the desired option as viewed listed below. While this strategy ensures success in stealing, tbelow is also a good opportunity that your reputation will be diminished in the connected area and the threat of being interrogated by guards substantially increases. If a guard finds any type of stolen items on you, you will be sent out to jail and your reputation will take a considerable hit. You deserve to however use persuasion alternatives to encourage the guard to revolve a blind eye.


Choose to knock out or stealth kill your targain to ensure success in stealing, however beware the potential consequences!

Selling Stolen Items¶

Any items that you steal by pickpocketing, lockpicking or searching in the instance of poaching cannot be sold to many merchants. You can recognize stolen goods in your inventory by the presence of a red hand icon. Inspecting the item indevelopment will also tell you where it was stolen from. The simplest method to render a stolen item yours is by travelling much amethod from the place wbelow it was stolen and also waiting a pair of days. The human being in different areas will not recognise the item as stolen given that it is unwell-known to them, the citizens of the place wbelow it was stolen will quickly forobtain. Once stolen symbol has actually disshowed up, you have the right to market the item to any merchant in any type of area except the one from where it was stolen. If you cannot afford to leave an area you have the right to store the stolen item in your horse’s inventory or in a residence chest and wait for time to pass without the threat of being caught by guards. Finally, if you want to instantly sell a stolen item you deserve to visit Miller Peshek in Rattay Mill or his associates Woyzeck (situated at Kohelnitz, the mill by the river North of Rattay) and also Simon (located at Sasau Mill).

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Keep in mind wbelow the item was stolen from at the bottom right of the information web page (left), Note the red hand also icon next to the book ’The Czech Campaign in Lombardy II, indicating that it is stolen. (right)

Tright here is a tiny chance that you have the right to sell stolen items to continuous vendors which deserve to be enhanced through the level twelve Speech perk ‘Trustworthy Middleman’, but it is not recommended to attempt to offer any kind of items of high worth as this might result in an arrest.