White pajamasSticker back/sticky black felt sheetsRegular sheets of black color felteye liner pencil or black confront paint crayonHeadband or infant hat


Cut out dog ears from felt andglue them come the headband/hat.Cut the end circles (about 3 different sizes) indigenous the sticky sheets the felt.Stick them everywhere the pajamas.Draw ~ above the puppy nose and also eye through the black color eyeliner/ faceprint crayon.

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Of every the DIY Halloween costumes I have made, i think dalmatians might be the most basic of them all (and possibly the cutest!). These straightforward DIY 101 Dalmatians costumes space perfect because that siblings, friend OR for a mom and her wild tiny pups. Critical year Miles to be a dalmatian and also Tommy was a firefighter. It was SO easy to do Miles’ costume and also he was so comfy on Halloween I decided to make more dalmatians this year. I didn’t make 101 the them, yet did do 4.


My original setup was come make one of the girls Cruella, which us did and also even obtained our real puppy Jersey in ~ above the action. She can not be a dalmatian yet she is black and white. Then ns realized we have never done a DIY costume that requires mom….and probably I to be a tiny jealous of every the funny dressing up the past few days….


So now mom gets to be Cruella! ns think as Cruella, i am claimed to make a much more serious, scary face?


Here’s exactly how to make straightforward puppy dog costumes because that a baby or kids:


DIY 101 Dalmation Costumes


Sticker back/sticky black felt sheetsRegular sheets of black felteye liner pencil or black face paint crayonHeadband or infant hat

Directions: very first I do the ears. I supplied a pilots cap/bonnet because that the baby. I uncovered this one ~ above Amazon. Then because that the bigger youngsters I offered the headbands. I simply reduced out dog ears from felt and also glued them come the headband/hat.

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For the outfits, I used sticky sheets that felt. I cut out one (about 3 various sizes) and stuck lock on the pajamas. The good thing is after ~ Halloween, simply peel turn off the difficult spots and also you have the right to reuse the pajamas!

Last, draw on the puppy nose and eye with the black color eyeliner/ faceprint crayon and also let her puppies run loose!

For the DIY kids Cruella Costume:


Black leggings & black shoesRed feather boaRed glovesCruella wigMore DIY Costumes:

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Disclosure: This is no a sponsored post but we did partner with this Halloween season to work on creating costumes. All costume ideas and also all opinions space our own.