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"Picture" is a duet composed by American music artists kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, released on November 12, 2002 together the fourth single and nine track from son Rock"s 2001 album Cocky. The original recording on the album is perform by boy Rock and also Sheryl Crow. Rock re-recorded the song for the radio with alternative country singer Allison Moorer because Atlantic was originally unable to get the civil liberties from Crow"s brand to release the album variation as a single. Once the Moorer variation was released, part radio stations started playing the Crow variation instead, leading Billboard to credit the song variously to child Rock special Sheryl raven or Allison Moorer. The tune was a advertising and crucial success and also was nominated because that Vocal event of The Year in ~ the 2003 nation Music association awards.more »

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Living my life in a slow-moving hellDifferent girl every night at the hotelI ain"t viewed the sunshine in 3 damn daysBeen fueling increase on cocaine and whiskyI great I had a an excellent girl to miss out on meLord, ns wonder if I"ll ever readjust my waysI put your picture awaySat down and cried todayI can"t look in ~ you while I"m lying alongside herI put your snapshot awaySat down and cried todayI can"t look in ~ you while I"m lying alongside herI referred to as you last night in the hotelEveryone knows, however they won"t tellBut your half-hearted smiles tell me something just ain"t rightI"ve been wait on you for a lengthy timeFueling up on heartaches and cheap wineI ain"t heard from you in 3 damn nightsI placed your photo awayI wonder whereby you"ve beenI can"t look at you when I"m lyin" alongside himI placed your snapshot awayI wonder where you"ve beenI can"t look in ~ you when I"m lyin" next to himI saw you yesterday with an old friendIt was the exact same old same, how have actually you been?Since you"ve been gone, my world"s to be dark and also greyYou reminded me the brighter daysI hoped you to be coming home to stayI was headed come churchI to be off to drink you awayI thought about you for a long timeCan"t it seems ~ to acquire you turn off my mindI can"t understand why we"re living life this wayI found your photo todayI swear I"ll change my waysI just dubbed to speak I want you to come back homeI discovered your photo todayI swear I"ll readjust my waysI just dubbed to say I desire you come come ago homeI just referred to as to say ns love youCome earlier home

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kid Rock Robert James "Bob" Ritchie (born January 17, 1971) known by his stage name boy Rock, is an American musician, rapper and also singer-songwriter. He is popularly well-known for his first commercial success, the 1998 studio album devil Without a reason which offered 13 million albums worldwide. That is a 5 time Grammy compensation nominee and also has marketed 23.5 million albums in the U.S.

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And 27 million worldwide. Much more »