//PICTURED ABOVE: Faced through all-male adversaries and also under the scrutiny of both the judges and also the cam, Kelly Potter ’07 attempts to reproduce a historical weapon as she stars as a two-time contestant on the History Channel’s blacksmith show “Forged in Fire.” 

With furrowed brows, blacksmith Kelly Potter ‘07 concentrates on the task prior to her. Beside her, sparks fly and fires blaze, while judges watch her eextremely relocate from afar. The timer stops, and also Potter presents a conventional Nepalese knife of her own making.

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Welcome to seachild two of “Forged in Fire,” a blacksmith reality tv series wright here the initially womale contestant in the history of the present is a Hockaday alumna.

Ala lot of 10 years prior to the show aired on the History channel, Potter graduated from Hockaday via no intention of ending up being a blacksmith. But according to Ceramics Teacher Kevin Brady, that was Potter’s mentor at Hockaday, she constantly had actually a talent in the arts.

“She simply had an extremely refreshing method on exactly how to method the material and the clay,” Brady shelp.

Brady rereferred to as that Potter made a collection of ceramics plates that modeled a flower’s wilting process, and also that her style of art started to influence the various other girls in her ceramics class. Potter’s love of style also affected her decision to intern at a tattoo parlor in the time of her senior year.

When Potter began to think about the next procedures of her life, she made a decision to attend design school.

“I believed that architecture would be a way to be imaginative but still make a living,” Potter shelp, “yet I really wasn’t into design at all.”

Deciding that architecture wasn’t the ideal course for herself, Potter started to discover jewelry-making as a possible career. Something soon sparked her interest, but instead of gems, it was steel. During one of Potter’s jewelry classes in Dallas, a blacksmith walked into the studio and available a blacksmipoint class.

Potter initially scoffed at the offer, considering blacksmipoint as a pointless ability. Nonetheless, she determined to provide it a shot, as the hammering abilities connected in blacksmithing could aid her with jewelry-making. At initially, Potter uncovered blacksmipoint challenging and also useless.

“He would make nails and points and I thshould myself, ‘I deserve to go to Home Depot and also gain this, and it doesn’t take forever before,’” Potter said.

Ultimately, Potter’s instructor referred her to a blacksmith in Grapevine, Texas who operated as an architectural blacksmith. Watching the development of custom lamps, entrances, stairs and also even more, Potter finally taken just how her newuncovered abilities might contribute to her career.

After a year of functioning in the new shop, Potter’s abilities grew considerably. She also met various other blacksmiths and also learned how to weld. Then, Potter began her career as an architectural blacksmith. She currently works in Smith Design and Manufacturing, a shop in Gunter, Texas.

As an architectural blacksmith, Potter functions greatly for clients that request custom-made architectural metaloccupational. Although design institution did not affect her career alternative, Potter was pleased through exactly how her course of self-discovery came complete circle via her task.

“It’s type of amazing just how it all came together bereason now I job-related with architects all the moment,” Potter shelp.

The projects that Potter works on run the gamut from custom lanterns to toilet flushers. She is constantly presented through new difficulties that require creative thinking and also skill.

“People would ask for really weird things that you wouldn’t think that you would make,” Potter said. “I’ve made tradition dryer vents, and also I’ve had to discover out just how to make a boy gate.”

As she ended up being more accomplished in her career, Potter began to reach out to others in the blacksmithing community. In 2015, she filled out a form to be featured on blacksmith Victoria Patti’s BlacksmitHER Radio, a podactors that highlights the stories of individual blacksmiths and intends to serve as a resource for the neighborhood. Patti works for the 23rd Avenue Sculpture Studio in Denver, Colorado. She started her course as an commercial mechanic but fell in love with blacksmithing. She is likewise a commission artist, and her metalworks have actually been featured in numerous public parks.

Although BlacksmitHER Radio interviews both male and also female blacksmiths this day, the task started as a platcreate and also reresource for female blacksmiths. According to Patti, blacksmithing is stereofrequently and also historically a man’s project. With her suffer as an commercial mechanic, Patti has actually been working in a male-conquered area for even more than 25 years.

“Some guys are a small harder to work through than others. Others are more open-minded, more willing to teach, and listen and learn from you,” Patti shelp. “As a woguy working in a male-overcame civilization, both sides have to learn wbelow the line is attracted.”

Potter agrees that tbelow are certain challenges that she deals with as a female blacksmith. In her perspective, the judgment she receives because of her sex is catalyst for her to percreate also much better.

“Knowing that I am a female in a job where there aren’t many kind of females approximately, I try to leave no room for anyone to criticize me or what I carry out,” Potter shelp. “It deserve to be stressful at times, but when you additionally enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Upon hearing about Potter’s career, Brady was proud of her previous student for breaking the glass ceiling as a blacksmith. He renoted that blacksmiths are stereogenerally “old cowboy-forms making horseshoes,” and Potter’s success in her field distinguishes her as a “very distinctive individual.”

As Potter’s career advanced, she applied to be on the cast of “Forged in Fire,” a bladesmithing present in which contestants attempt to recreate famed historical tools. While Potter’s job doesn’t involve making knives, she was equipped with the abilities that are compelled in order to make tools.

Only in its second seaboy as soon as Potter used, “Forged in Fire” had never before featured a female blacksmith on the show prior to. Potter was excited about the difficulty.

“Even though I really don’t treatment about chisels or swords or anything prefer that, I said, ‘Well, I’ll apply because tbelow hasn’t been a girl on this show,’” Potter sassist.

When Potter got the news that she was to be on the show, she was initially nervous due to her lack of suffer in bladesmipoint. On the present, Potter perdeveloped well however was inevitably got rid of. However, she obtained great support for her exceptional skill and also hoswarm perspective, and also she returned to the present aobtain in seaboy three’s “Fan Favorites” episode.

The news of Potter’s achievements on “Forged in Fire” has spreview to Patti, whose digital profile of Potter on BlacksmitHER Radio started to obtain comments from fans of the display.

“It was excellent to have her as a representation on the display. Tbelow are woguys that perform this, and also it’s good that the present enabled that,” Patti said.

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Potter has come a lengthy means because she graduated from Hockaday. Looking back, she regularly virtually forgets that she comes from an atmosphere that didn’t involve making many type of “hands-on” innovations.

“At Hockaday, we seek such intangible purposes or look for to excel in academics or sporting activities, but it’s cool to feel choose you deserve to likewise make points or create points,” Potter said. “I think there’s somepoint to be sassist about being able to make something with your hands, and also simply feel prefer you deserve to accomplish something.”