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This was the very initially episode of "KUWTK." E!

The 2 youngest Jenner sisters seemed to live a pretty normal life throughout that initially seaboy of the show — if normal indicates having actually camages complying with your eextremely relocate, that is.

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Kylie was all around having actually fun and also acquiring into hijinks via Kendall, prefer the moment their half-brother Brody Jenner was babysitting and chose to film Kylie playing via her parents" stripper pole.

It absolutely wasn"t as scandalous as it seems, yet Kris and Caitlyn were not happy through Brody for recording her mini "Girls Gone Wild" skit. They also irritated their dad as soon as Kris let the girls bring home a fluffy little puppy, Bella because also well known human being disagree over dog training.

Kylie started growing up throughout seachild two.


Khloé Kardashian via Kylie Jenner throughout seachild two. E!

The family"s burgeoning fame didn"t affect the youngest members much and Kylie was still a pretty normal tween in the time of seakid 2.

Still, Khloé attempted to teach her bit sisters around puberty and Kylie was certainly even more game to talk about her bodily changes than Kendall, that is shy about it all.

The early stages of Kylie's love of makeup appeared on season three.


Kylie Jenner also debuted a streak in her hair. E!

Now that members of the family members were becoming celebrities, they came to be busier and busier, appearing in magazines and also ad projects, and also traveling the world.

Kylie was currently on the cusp of becoming a teenager and also she experimenting through makeup, much to the chagrin of her parents.

Kylie and Kendall were also afrassist when they overheard their parental fees pointing out Caitlyn"s colonoscopy, thinking that their parent can be ill. Caitlyn was nervous to define it to them, but the girls were relieved to learn it"s a straightforward procedure that many adults go with.

Kylie challenged stress and anxiety through some of her siblings on seakid 4.


Kylie Jenner was hurt by her sisters. E!

On the fourth season of "KUWTK," Kendall expressed interemainder in modeling, which appeared to upcollection Kylie, that felt her older sister was being provided special attention due to her budding career prospects.

Kylie and Kendall were additionally both upcollection with Kim when she lied around spending time through them by pretending she had actually a foot injury and required to remainder. They uncovered she"d been lying and also were understandably hurt, yet Kim apologized for being dishoswarm.

Kylie was worried around her parental fees and their marriage on seaboy five.

Kylie Jenner on seaboy 5. E!

By the show"s fifth seachild, the stress and anxiety in between Kris and also Caitlyn started to disclose itself on electronic camera and it"s the little bit ones that were a lot of worried around seeing their parental fees fight.

Kylie and Kendall were afrhelp that they were headed for divorce, but Kris and also Caitlyn reassured them that they were just going with a rough patch.

Kylie was likewise upset upon learning that Kris was hiding a mystery smoking cigarettes halittle, and also she plotted via Kendall and also Kourtney to obtain her to sheight cigarette smoking.

On the 6th seachild, Kylie and also her mom confronted some anxiety.

Kylie Jenner shortly adopted her inner teenager. E!

Now that both Jenner girls were in their teenage years, they wanted to do what many teens want to do, which was hanging out with their friends without parents maintaining a watchful eye.

Kris was having a tough time taking care of her youngest daughters finding their independence and also she tried to insert herself in their ice-skating and jump-rope sessions.

The girls explained that although they love spending time through their mommy, they likewise wanted to spend time with friends. Tensions rose further as soon as they went behind Kris"s back to enlist Scott"s aid as their manager.

Kris was furious that Scott was meddling in their personal and professional lives and also they all learned a point or two about the flourishing pains affiliated in elevating teens.

Season seven is where Kylie started to thrive right into her own.

Kylie Jenner starts to get busier this season. E!

As the young Jenners started stepping out of the shadows of their older siblings, they started trying out new opportunities, favor ending up being West Coast contributors to Seventeenager magazine.

Kylie was a herbal, quickly able to approach strangers on the street as component of the project, even though Kendall was more reserved. Their progressively busy schedules led them to miss out on the majority of school, and Kylie listed that being far behind provided her tension.

Kris was initially versus homeschooling however considered it once she realized just how a lot it intended to Kylie and also Kendall. And they were still approximately their teenage hijinks, nearly destroying a white carpet via red sauce and trying to hide the proof from Kris.

Kylie confronted more prospering pains in the time of season eight.

On seaboy eight, Kylie Jenner turned 16. E!

This was the season wbelow Kylie turns 16 and she definitely came to be much even more independent.

When she sassist felt like she needed some area from Kendall and also to spend time with friends separately, Kendall was hurt, and also Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney stepped in to assist them work-related out their distinctions.

Kylie also showed off her burgeoning fashion sense, which Kim tried to emulate.

She had actually a dark, edgy "Alice in Wonderland"-themed Sweet 16, a lot to the chagrin of Kris, that wanted her to have a more childish soirée. Still, Kris learned to trust Kylie"s imaginative vision and also the party was a success.

Seakid nine featured a lot of transforms.

On seaboy nine, Kylie Jenner had actually colorful hair. E!

The 9th seachild of "KUWTK" lugged plenty of ups and downs, as Caitlyn and also Kris announced they were separating.

Each family member was most involved about Kendall and Kylie considering that they"re the youngest, however they appeared to understand also that it was for the best.

Kim additionally acquired engaged to Kanye West at the start of the seachild and also married him at the end.

In in between, the family members took a expedition to Thailand, and also Kylie and Kendall ended up being frustrated through the family"s bickering. They seemingly disshowed up someday, sfinishing the remainder of the crew into a state of panic, however were uncovered safe after escaping for a massage and also some shopping in the regional tvery own.

The youngest sisters additionally publimelted their initially book, "Rebels: City of Indra," a sci-fi young adult novel.

Kylie’s signature lips ended up being front and also facility on seaboy 10.

Kylie Jenner shortly started her empire. E!

Season 10 was possibly the greatest year of expansion for Kylie on the display so far, as she was focusing on her very own projects.

She was still working on her apparel lines with Kendall, but she was additionally founding her first solo endeavor, a line of hair extensions, which was her first foray right into beauty.

She additionally purchased her first house, proving that she was not your average 17-year-old. But the chief storyline surrounding Kylie in this seakid was her lips — the media seemed to take notification that she had actually some job-related done and also Kylie was uncertain of exactly how to handle all this newfound attention surrounding her appearance.

Kylie ultimately admitted that she was always insecure around her lips, which then end up being her most famed attribute, and introduced the starts of her incredibly own beauty empire, thanks to her Kylie Lip Kits.

Caitlyn likewise announced she was transitioning, which the family members addressed in this seaboy. They all expressed worry around Kylie, that starts spending even more time alone, even on group trips.

On seaboy 11, Kylie Jenner had a blonde minute. E!

Seaboy 11 was a milerock year for Kylie, as she graduated high institution, commemorated her 18th birthday, and also obtained a brand new Ferrari.

Kris threw the girls a joint graduation party and also met Caitlyn for the first time at Kylie"s birthday party.

Kylie additionally ended up being more significant via longtime boyfrifinish Tyga, which frustrated Kendall, that felt she was not as close to her baby sister as she as soon as was.

Kendall was angry when Kylie brought Tyga on an "all-girls" pilgrimage to St. Barts, but Kylie reminded her household that they"ve all brought significant others on trips before.

Kylie Jenner obtained worn down of paparazzi. E!

By seakid 12, Kylie and the rest of her family members were so renowned, they could no longer execute normal activities, prefer going out for errands, without paparazzi and fans searching their every relocate.

Kylie, Kendall, and also Khloé made a decision to mess via their followers by dressing up in wacky costumes — finish with wigs and prosthetics — to gain a "non-famous" day out touring Hollywood.

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Kylie opened up up about the tension she experiences from being so renowned, especially after the launch of her Lip Kits confirmed so successful. Kylie revealed she wasn"t certain she actually wanted to be famous, informing Kim, "Some human being are born for this life and others aren"t and also I simply recognize I"m not."

Kim empathized with her and shared that Kanye aided her to treatment much less around what human being say and also think.