Sophie Foster thought she was safe. Settled into her house at Havenfield, surrounded by friends, and also making use of her distinctive telepathic abilities to train Silveny–the first female alicorn ever before watched in the Lost Cities–her life lastly appears to be coming together.

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But Sophie’s kidnappers are still out tright here. And as soon as Sophie discovers new messages and also clues from the mysterious Babsence Swan team, she’s required to take a terrifying risk—one that puts everyone in incredible danger.

As lengthy buried secrets climb to the surface, it’s as soon as aobtain up to Sophie to uncover surprise memories—before someone close to her is shed forever before.

In this second book in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie need to journey to the darkest corners of her luminous world in a sequel that will leave you breathmuch less for even more.


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Shannon Messenger

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

If you haven’t check out Nightloss yet, SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Even the remainder of this paragraph isn’t safe, so if you snuck ago here because you’re channeling your inner Silveny (KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE!), you can desire to wait. Don’t problem, the bonus Keefe hilarity will certainly still be below once you’re ready! And currently that I’ve sufficiently warned you—*pauses to give you one last chance to flee*— the pages you’re around to read cover what Keefe was as much as during his recoexceptionally. So imagine these scenes happening at the same time as all the crazy stuff Sophie & Crew are doing in the time of chapters 36–60 of this book. Hope you enjoy! — Shannon Messenger


“Look! I’m all better!” Keefe promised, waving his arms and almost knocking over the ugly lamp on the table alongside the bed. Not that he cared—he had actually huge plans to trash every one of Alvar’s stuff as shortly as he was done hiding out tbelow.

“I could be willing to believe you,” Elwin told him, “if you weren’t gritting your teeth every time you move.”

“What? This is how I smile now!” Keefe tightened his jaw and increased one eyebrow. “See? It’s my brooding, mysterious look.”

“Is that what you’re calling it?” Ro asked, plopping next to him and bouncing the mattress so hard that Keefe almost let out a yelp. “All I’m acquiring is wannabe bad boy.”

Elwin snorted a laugh.

Keefe glared at both of them, wishing he still had some of his favorite elixirs handy. He’d controlled to slip some Hush Slush into Ro’s dinner the night before and wiped out her voice for eight glorious hrs. But someexactly how she’d regulated to find all of his stashes—also the added well-concealed ones.

The princess was good.

He was pretty certain she’d likewise put Gurgle Gut in his breakrapid for payback—though if he was best, at least she’d suffer as much as he would as soon as the gurgles broke free.

“I’m fine, okay?” he told Elwin. “I have the right to live through a small pain.”

“It’ll be a lifetime of pain if you don’t listen to me,” Elwin corrected. He flamelted a red orb roughly Keefe’s torso and squinted via his glasses. “Just like I believed. You’re worse this particular day.”

Keefe tossed back his covers. “Fine. Then the bed remainder isn’t helping, so I don’t need to—”

He regulated to obtain one foot on the floor prior to Ro bodyslammed him ago to the bed, triggering a throbbing spasm that felt favor a gremlin was chomping on his lungs.

“Both of you need to take it basic,” Elwin warned, “or I’m bringing Keefe to my house and putting Bullhorn on guard duty.”

“Um—he’s, prefer, 2 pounds of hair,” Keefe told him. “I think I deserve to manage him.”

“I’d love to check out you try.” Elwin dug via his satchel and pulled out a deep purple elixir. “But I’d quite you simply take an additional dose of tproblem regenerator and obtain some rest.”

“I can constantly pry those pouty lips open and pour it dvery own your throat,” Ro added via a smile that confirmed eexceptionally single among her pointed teeth.

Keefe got to for the vial. Years of taking care of his dad had taught him it was much easier to pretfinish to cooperate. So he chugged the medication, even though it stunk worse than Alvar’s stuffy apartment.

Side note on that: He was pretty sure he didn’t desire to know why the totality location reeked favor rotting toenails. Or why Alvar had actually felt the should cover eexceptionally surchallenge through mirrors.

“Try not to look so miserable,” Elwin sassist, taking the empty vial. “It’s just for a week.”

“Uh, carry out you realize how many times Foster can practically die in a week? Especially as soon as my mom’s the one calling the shots?” Keefe countered.

Elwin sighed. “I know. But you need to get your toughness ago.”

“Plus, she doesn’t desire to watch you,” Ro reminded him. “Hey, don’t look at me favor that—you know it’s true.”

It was true.

And it made Keefe qumuch easier than the Gurgle Gut.

He couldn’t speak thinking around the burst of emovements Sophie had actually hit him via as she left the healing facility. There hadn’t simply been anger. There’d been hurt. And a deep, overwhelming disappointment that had actually made it difficult to breathe.

Elwin patted him on the shoulder. “Give her a possibility to cool off—”

“I don’t have actually time,” Keefe interrupted. “She can be heading to Nightautumn right currently.”

“If she is, I’m certain she can take care of it,” Elwin told him. “I understand we love to tease Sophie about all of her emergencies, but the truth is: She’s a survivor. And she has actually numerous powerful family members and friends to back her up.”

“I’m expected to be among them,” Keefe argued.

“Then take care of yourself. The even more you remainder, the much faster you’ll recuperate. And if it’ll make you feel much better, I’ll check on her eexceptionally day and also give you updates—however only if you promise to stay in bed.”

“Fine,” Keefe mumbled, slumping down under the covers.

“Oh good!” Ro shelp. “We’re moving from denial mode to sulky boy. This’ll be fun!”

Keefe shot her a glare.

He wasn’t sulking.

Okay, fine, maybe he was a little—yet he was likewise scheming.

First chance he acquired, he was sneaking out of Alvar’s apartment and heading straight to Havenfield.

He didn’t treatment what anyone shelp. Sophie needed his assist.


“You have ten secs to float earlier to bed,” Ro warned, without also glancing over her shoulder, “or I’m tying you down and extending you through flesh-eating bacteria.”

Keefe ignored the jolt of pain in his side as he pumped his arms, swimming via the air. “You intend me to think you have flesh-eating bac—”

Ro leaped throughout the room, blocking the window he’d been levitating toward, and pulled a small black bottle from her breastplate. She poured a solitary drop onto her finger, and also the dark blob automatically liquified her skin into a bloody hole.

Keefe went earlier to bed.

Ro grinned. “Good boy.”


“If this is a trick . . . ,” Ro shelp, not bothering to finish the hazard. The hand also by her sword sassist the remainder.

“No trick,” Keefe promised. “I seriously require your assist. You discovered my prank stashes so conveniently that I’m hoping you can do the very same with whatever my mommy hid at Candleshade.”

“But why the sudden hurry?” Ro asked.

“Because Elwin’s below now, and also you’ll require him to leap you tbelow, given that I’m still not allowed out of this stupid bed.”

“You’re not,” Elwin agreed. “And by the way, neither of us are leaving till you take a sedative—and also I want to view you down the whole dose.”

Keefe clutched his heart. “Elwin, Elwin, Elwin. After all we’ve been through, perform you really not trust me?”

Elwin organized out a round, clear vial. “Nope.”

Ro snickered.

“Fine.” Keefe reached for the elixir. If that’s what it took to acquire Ro to Candleshade, he’d resolve it.

“You really think your mom hid somepoint essential there?” Elwin asked as Keefe gulped down the sticky, sweet sedative.

“I hope so.”

Along via the lovely news that his recoexceptionally was still taking forever before, Elwin had actually additionally let Keefe understand that Sophie had reportedly currently gone to Nightautumn, and also that her family hadn’t been tbelow.

Elwin didn’t have actually any various other details—except that everyone was safe. But Keefe kbrand-new Sophie had actually to be panicking.

He required to acquire her one more lead to help track dvery own the Neverseen.

“I’d have a way better chance of finding what you’re looking for,” Ro shelp, “if you let me smash the area.”

“Fine by me. Make as massive of a mess as you want. And bonus points if you ruin my dad’s statue.”

“WOO HOO! Things just obtained amazing in elf land!”

Ro shelp something else, yet Keefe didn’t catch it. His ears had actually started ringing, and also his head had actually gained means as well spinny.

He sank into his pillow, feeling a hand gently squeeze his shoulder.

Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, many of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he might never gain out of his head.


Plink! Plink! Plink!

Ro stomped into his room. “If you make that noise an additional time I’m going to shove those pieces somewhere you’re really not going to choose.”

“What, this noise?” Keefe asked, jingling the four weird bits of twisted silver and also gold that Ro had brought him back from Candleshade.

He’d been trying to fit them together for hrs.

In reality, he’d been prepared to throw them across the room. But now that he knew the noise annoyed Ro . . .

“Sorry,” he told her. “I have to find out what these are, and also given that someone isn’t letting me obtain out of bed, it’s not favor I have anypoint else to perform.”

Plink! Plink! Plink! Plink! Plink!

Ro’s groan rattled the walls.


“You are never before going to figure that out!” Ro screamed as Keefe continued the plink-plink-plinking.

“You’re just mad because you couldn’t figure it out either,” Keefe shouted earlier.

She’d been so smug when she’d wrenched the pieces from his hands to give it a try that Keefe had actually laughed himself hoarse once she’d failed. And considering that then, he’d controlled to fit 3 of the four pieces together. But the last item was ridiculously stubborn.

Ro stalked right into his doorway via a bottle of blue nail polish in one hand also and also half-painted cregulations on the other. “No, I’m mad bereason you’re only doing this to attempt to deal with points via yourbit girlfriend and it’s not going to work-related.”

Keefe jingled the pieces extra loud.

But after numerous secs he had to ask, “Why isn’t it going to work?”

Ro snorted. “Wow, you really have it poor, don’t you? Nope, no need to deny it. It’s so evident it’s actually adorable. Especially given that she’s entirely clueless around it. You recognize that, right?”

Keefe rolled his eyes.

And he was all collection to argue—however for some factor “Yeah, I’m an Emcourse,” slipped out.

“Ohhhhh, that’s true. Wow, I didn’t also think about that.” Ro giggled as she crossed the room and sat alongside him on the bed. “That have to drive you crazy.”

“Pretty much,” Keefe mumbled.

It wasn’t even the worst part—however he controlled to speak himself from bringing up that.

“You gain why, though, right?” Ro asked, slicking blue paint throughout one more cregulation. “Why your girl doesn’t get exactly how a lot you liiiiiiiiiiike her?”

He sighed. “Because she flourished up hearing eexceptionally less-thanawesome believed anyone ever before had about her—also from her parental fees and also sister and stuff. So currently some component of her constantly assumes that everyone has actually those kinds of thoughts about her, even though she can’t hear them anymore.”

Ro blinked. “Okay, I was not expecting you to gain all deep on me.”

Keefe shrugged. “It’s true.”

“Not saying it isn’t. Huh, I never assumed around how brutal your elf-y abilities could be. Add it to the list of reasons I’m glad I’m not among you. But that’s not what I was talking about.”

He had actually a feeling she was never going to let him live it down if he asked, but . . . “Okay, Miss Smarty Pants, what’s your theory for the Great Foster Oblivion?”

She hosted up her hand, blowing on her blue cregulations. “That’s your difficulty appropriate tbelow. You make every little thing a joke. It sends out means also many kind of combined signals—specifically for a girl through all that facility stuff messing through her head.”

“Maybe. But Foster’s not ready for more than that—trust me.”

Once again, he quit himself from cluing Ro right into the entirety square-that-was-now-a-triangle mess. But with exactly how observant she appeared to be, she’d more than likely number it out on her very own quickly enough.

“Well, all I’m saying is: If you’re looking to earn her forgiveness, ‘Here, Sophie, have this creepy point from my mom’ isn’t going to execute it. Especially if you parade in tright here like you simply saved the day. She doesn’t require a hero. She needs a frifinish. So if you desire to say you’re sorry, acquire her a real present.”

He really hated that she had a point.

And someexactly how he controlled to soptimal himself from saying presents are Fitz’s point. Instead, he admitted, “I don’t understand what to give her.”

“Then perhaps you should figure that out.”

Yeah, probably he have to.

“And don’t look at me,” she included as she sauntered for the door. “Unless you desire weapon advice, I have no principle what renders you elves swoon. But please, for the love of all that’s breathing, don’t let it have sparkles!”


“I’ve acquired it!” Keefe shouted, raising his arm and pumping his fist—which didn’t hurt anymore. Even as soon as he waved both arms roughly.

“You established what to buy for your little bit girlfriend?” Ro asked, peeking her head into his room.

“No. Well . . . kinda. But I was talking around this!” He hosted up a tiny gold-and-silver square. “I gained the last piece to fit! I deserve to also take it apart and also put it ago together. I understand the trick now.”

“Okay, yet . . . what is it?”

“I have no principle,” Keefe admitted.

Ro smirked. “Good thing you’re not trying to swoop in and also save the day anyeven more, ’cause that’s certainly not going to do it.”

“Hey, this is still essential,” Keefe suggested. “My mommy hid it for a reason.”

“I’m certain she did,” Ro agreed, twisting her nose ring. “But let’s hope your gift principle is even more interesting.”

“It is. It’s going to take me a small while to make it—but it’ll seriously peak eextremely gift she’s been offered prior to.”

His fingers were currently itching to acquire started on it.

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But first he needed to gain out of that bed, so he was even more than a tiny relieved when Elwin finally gave him the all clear in the time of his evening checkup.

“I still want you to take tonight to remainder, though,” Elwin warned. “You’re not off bed rest until the morning.”

“Be glad,” Ro told him after Elwin left. “Now you have some time to number out just how to make your girl foroffer you.”