Melissa Sue Anderson played teenager mar Ingalls on Little house on the Prairie for eight seasons. The young actor had the possibility to job-related with some famed guest stars throughout her time on the historical drama, including music symbol Johnny Cash and also his mam June Carter Cash.

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The legendary nation singer and also his spouse appeared in season 3 the Little House, whereby Anderson had actually plenty the scenes through Cash. Once the illustration entitled “The Collection” wrapped, the pair shared their appreciation through the cast and also crew, together with a memorable gift just for Anderson.


Melissa Sue Anderson the ‘Little residence on the Prairie’ | win Hammer/NBCU photograph Bank

‘Little house on the Prairie’ actors welcomed Johnny Cash and also June Carter Cash

Anderson recalled the excitement as soon as the Cashes to be coming come the Little House set.

“Getting these mega-country stars to act in one of our episodes to be a actual coup,” Anderson composed in her 2010 memoir, The means I view It: A Look back at mine Life on tiny House. “Our collection was buzzing v anticipation. What would they it is in like? would they it is in traveling v an entourage? would certainly they ask for any type of special treatment?”

Much to the cast and crew’s delight, the music stars were completely unpretentious and exuded warmth and also authenticity.

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“As with other recording artist I’ve met end the years,” Anderson commented, “the Cash family (their young son, john Carter, to be an extra in this episode) was under to earth and also nice to everyone they come in contact with.”

Johnny Cash and also June Carter Cash play grifters

In the season 3 opener of Little home on the Prairie, Cash and also his mam played con artists trying to swindle the townspeople of Walnut Grove. As soon as Reverend Alden drops ill and also is discovered by Caleb Hodgekiss (Cash) and also his mam Mattie (June Carter), Caleb decides come impersonate a minister to take it the reverend’s place. He climate attempts come raise a repertoire of donations native the community, supposedly for those in need.

“Singers are practically always excellent actors,” Anderson remarked. “This was certainly the instance with June and also Johnny (we called him ‘John’). Ns remember being so surprised in ~ how good June was depicting Mattie Hodgekiss, the ‘stand-by-her-man’ grifter, with a love of gold, together John’s con man, Caleb.”

The episode featured mary going to her next-door neighbors in Walnut Grove v “Brother” Hodgekiss to shot and advanced funds, for what she believed was a actual collection because that the poor. Anderson relished she scenes through the country Music room of reputation star.

walk a wonderful job, as did John,” the Little House alum stated in praise of the couple. “I was past excited to occupational with him, as I to be featured in this episode and also had almost every scene with him.”

Melissa Sue Anderson obtained a gift of she own

“The Collection” concluded with the pair repenting from their grifting means Rather than running away through the money, brother Hodgekiss speak the congregation to take the contribute to the town in need.

“I loved this episode,” Anderson wrote. “I’ve always loved stories about grifters and con men, and being may be to it is in a part of one was specifically fun.”

The pair wrapped your time on the historical drama with a display of generosity, and also one gift in particular for Cash’s young co-star.

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“John gave every one of the cast and our entire crew and also staff personal signed copies of his book, Man in Black,” the Little House star recalled. “And June walk something really unique for a 13-year-old girl: She gave me mine very first bottle that perfume. It was Worth, and also I’ll always remember that.”