Tennessee State attack lineman Jessamen Dunker operation a drill at the NFL football scouting incorporate in Indianapolis, Friday, march 3, 2017.

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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Jessamen Dunker go a an excellent job of relocating his feet. He has actually the quickness come make the lead block in the running game, and the capability to drop ago and provide good pass protection. Dunker assisted Tennessee State’s offense create 415.1 yards a game.

According to NFL.com/draft, Dunker is wonderful athlete, however he is raw and also may not have enough core stamin to consistently hold up against NFL power. His ideal chance is through a zone-oriented rushing team. Yet he will certainly still need time to boost his an approach and strength before he could end up being a variable on the depth chart.

Javancy Jones, Jackson State, linebacker/defensive end, 6-foot-2, 230 pounds

Javancy Jones is among the finest defensive players in the Southwestern strong Conference (SWAC). That has an excellent anticipation and also does a nice task of making contact. Jones had 82 full tackles and 19.5 tackles because that loss. He had actually a great effort in the East-West Shrine Game, picking up four tackles and one tackle for loss.

According to NFL.com/draft, Jones has great size and also physicality and also will get home run qualities for leadership and character, but making a roster out of camp might be difficult. He’s not a naturally agile, functional athlete and may be forced to discover a brand-new position top top the next level.

Javarius Leamon, southern Carolina State, attack lineman, 6-foot-7, 315 pounds

South Carolina State’s attack lineman Javarius Leamon (52) blocks Clemson protective lineman Richard Yeargin (49) during 2nd half action between the Clemson Tigers and the southern Carolina State Bulldogs in ~ Memorial stadion in Clemson, SC.

Doug Buffington/Icon Sportswire

Javarius Leamon has an excellent size and length. He has actually the athletic capacity to cover a many ground. The has an excellent footwork. Leamon is a great run blocker and also has the skill set to pass protect as well.

According come NFL.com/draft, Leamon has the physical traits that will get the attention of NFL evaluators, however the tape shows a player doing not have in foot quickness, hand strength and technique. The technique can be worked on, yet the lack of hand strength, upper body power and also foot quickness can be tough to overcome. Leamon is a developmental task who can need a year ~ above a practice squad before he’s all set to an obstacle for a roster spot.

Ezra Robinson, Tennessee State, cornerback, 6-foot-1, 180 pounds

Tennessee State defensive ago Ezra Robinson competes in the long jump at the 2017 NFL football scouting incorporate Monday, in march 6, 2017, in Indianapolis.

AP Photo/Gregory Payan

Ezra Robinson is a an excellent all-around performer in the secondary. The knows exactly how to come up and stop the run. He’s a an excellent open-field tackler. Robinson had 42 complete tackles (31 solo). He is magnificent against the pass, too. The had 5 interceptions because that 149 yards and returned 2 of the picks because that touchdowns.

According to NFL.com/draft, Robinson has actually adequate height and also length for the position and also has posted good ball production over the past pair of seasons. Robinson has enough athleticism to do even much more plays on the ball; however, his lackadaisical field demeanor prevents it. Robinson’s absence of competitiveness and toughness as a tackler will certainly be an immediate turnoff for plenty of teams.

Grover Stewart, Albany State, protective tackle, 6-foot-5, 295 pounds

Grover Stewart had actually a remarkable year in ~ Albany State. He has the capacity to play the run. He’s constantly in good position to do plays. He had 35 tackles (26 solo) and 12 tackles for loss the 61 yards. He has actually the strength and mobility to get into the backfield quickly. He had 7.5 sacks last season.

According to NFL.com/draft, Stewart’s girth, power and also potential might lead a team to take him on the third day together a developmental run-stuffer. Stewart is quiet raw, however additional an approach work might unleash a much an ext capable internal defender. The jump in competition will take some time to change to, however like various other small-school interior defenders prior to him, Stewart has actually the potential to work himself right into a more prominent function within 2 or 3 years.

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jylan Ware, Alabama State, offensive tackle, 6-foot-8, 295 pounds

Jylan Ware has actually the capability to open up up gaping holes in the to run game. The has great strength and also quickness. His dimension and range make the a great prospect. Ware deserve to move very well from next to side. He’s a good pass blocker, too.