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Last night’s Real World: Go Big or Go Home finale eps were so intense that I must go lie dvery own someplace quiet and also unwind for a couple of weeks. Seriously, after I finished gasping with the back-to-ago nuclear house meltdvery own I was prefer “I need to watch somepoint much less intense I wonder if something lighter is streaming like The Apocalypse Now Redux or The Deer Hunter or possibly a David Cronenberg marathon? That can be nice.”

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To quote the a lot of underutilized houseguest of this seakid slash soon-to-be-increasing pop star, Sabrina, “Ceejai rocked Jenna’s face.” The accumulation to this has actually been excruciating. Hearing Jenna’s uninformed opinions all seakid, watching the method they make the various other roommates uncomfortable time after time. For sure, I’ll say that physical violence is never before the answer. Ceejai appeared to regret it immediately. Mostly it looked prefer Ceejai was upcollection through herself for even allowing Jenna to have actually that a lot of an affect on her life. But the issue via Jenna, the variation of her shown on the display, is that she is entirely pathological. She says and does points and then 50 First Dates it and also acts choose it never taken place. “Gay sex renders me sick.” I never before sassist that. “The Confederate Flag isn’t about race, it’s about society.” Never before said it. *Makes out through Dylan on an escalator* He kissed me. As the great wandering carny prophet Dione Pepperoni pointed out: a) I have actually a memory, I remember seeing / hearing you b) these little babsence boxes the people with headsets are delivering approximately are recording every one of this. Jenna is the huguy being version of the Colin Ferguchild Saturday Night Live skit from the ‘90s wbelow Colin Ferguchild is representing himself in court for shooting human being and also so he asks the witness to point out that shot him and then ducks behind the podium when David Spade points at him and also then Colin Ferguchild is prefer “let the document show the witness pointed to the male in the second row, seat 3.” Jenna’s defense to every little thing she’s accoffered of doing is “I didn’t shoot them, they shot me.”Last week’s episode ends with drunk-tank Jenna running at Ceejai from throughout the room and also gaining put down on the ground Dazed and also Confused-style choose Adam Goldberg at a Beer Bust. The next morning, Jenna claims she was blacked out and also doesn’t remember any type of of it. Kailah argues she apologize so she goes into Ceejai’s room, wakes her up, and also states she doesn’t remember it but she’s glad Ceejai handled it the way she did. If you wake someone up to apologize it is officially the worst apology ever before. If someone woke me up bereason my house was on fire and also it saved my life I’d owe them forever before and also still be sort of mad that they woke me up.But yo, for actual, exactly how did these producers let Jenna stay in the house? I’ve been saying this for a few seasons now. The “no tolerance policy” has actually conveniently swerved to the “we’ll give you a warning” to “carry out you really really promise not to perform it again” to “well nobody is in the hospital so….” The roommates were blaming themselves for not voting Jenna out previously in the seaboy as soon as they had actually the chance bereason she couldn’t take part in a mission. That’s a lot of guilt to lug, especially once it was completely in the Producer’s civil liberties to make Jenna leave after she assaulted Ceejai. By that point, namong the roommates wanted her there anyeven more. They didn’t even take a vote (if they did, it didn’t air). Producer Matt, you were my hero. Nobody created favor you. Where were you in all of this? My heart is damaged.
After Jenna assaulted Ceejai, the next few days are basically a volley of everyone talking around their disprefer for Jenna and Jenna loudly drunk-Skyping with her friends for the advantage of the whole house. Jenna calls Ceejai “ratchet” even more than once and also one of Jenna’s friends goes full Don Imus with an insult around her hair and also then tells her to “go pick cotton.” So it wasn’t Jenna that clearly sassist that most awful of awful things but she was laughing the totality time. Dean is heated. Ceejai is seething. Everyone in the house is shocked this just acquired shelp. Kailah gets a phone call while the Skype is happening. She answers it, yells at Jenna and also her friend, and then is like “hi mother.” And also her mother on the line, that isn’t in the home, is like that’s fucked up.Ceejai gets ago right into it with Jenna and also Ceejai hits her in the face. Multiple times. It takes 3 Production human being to pull her off. You watch exactly how quick Production gained there? After the first punch. Nobody in sight though as soon as this lengthy buildup was going dvery own and the inside of the apartment turned right into the 103 level setting from the finishing of Do the Right Thing. All of this could have been avoided so conveniently. And you recognize what, to quote Dazed and Confused “no one ever talks around who won, simply they got right into a brawl.” Well yeah, that’s not quite true. Due to the fact that Jenna by the finish of the show was currently talking about how Ceejai is ignorant, how she assaulted her for no factor. Completely leaving out the fact of exactly how Jenna was the initial attacker earlier. And the way the Real World memory works, all we’ll recontact is “the punch.” People rarely talk around what led approximately CT damaging a whole house, they only talk around him literally trying to rip Adam’s head off his body. The conmessage disappears over time. Ceejai was fun to watch and an excellent component of this seaboy. It’s a shame it ended this means. Jenna didn’t deserve a babsence eye, and hearing her tell Production she’s gained beat dvery own prior to is turbulent. Clearly on, she’s dealing with her own issues. Hopetotally, through the moment that’s passed between the present wrapping and also airing, she’s done some reflecting. They both are removed from the residence, which is sort of next to the point as tbelow are just three days left in the display.Okay so that was a lot, I told you it was intense. But additionally some other stuff taken place. Sabrina finally met her birth mom who is quite a character. They realized they both prefer horses at young age and Sabrina’s mother has two horses in Vegas for some reason. They never before define why Sabrina’s mother has favor six aliases attached to her name. I’m going to guess it has somepoint to do through the reality that “the men in her life are scumbags” and leave it at that. Sabrina asks what her background is and her mommy is favor “Irish and English. And…black, as well.” And Sabrina is prefer “really?!” and also her mommy goes “nahhhh.” Cool joke ma! The huge wrap up at the finish of the display sassist Sabrina’s watched her mommy a bunch and also is in the procedure of meeting her organic dad so that is excellent. I hope she writes an album around it.

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Also, Dylan pulled out the lamest “I’m an evil super genius” relocate ever. He claims that he never liked Jenna at all, that it was all a plan he had when he came in to ruin someone. It reportedly was a 37 part arrangement that had structure dependency, inciting an event, en vino veritas, and also choose salso other terms he learned from analysis Neil Strauss memoirs. Nobody in the house is buying this, not also a little little. But he did obtain drunk and attract fake tattoos onto his totality top body so that’s a solid tradition to leave behind.In the end, it was a great season through the wildest finishing I can ever before remember. I’ll miss out on everyone. I’ll miss out on Sabrina’s reaction shots right into the camera as soon as something ridiculous taken place. I’ll miss Dione’s reactions shots into the electronic camera at his own jokes. I’ll miss out on Producer Matt, that I’m still super upset through over this whole mess. But simply favor Ceejai, I will certainly learn to forprovide. They wanted civilization to go so big, that they wouldn’t go residence. And rather, they acquired them to go even bigger so that they had to send them house. Until next seachild, my friends.