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YeahMy mind state feel choose the crime in the summertimeHigher than averageLot of cabbageThank God I never before abide by the establishedGuidelines that save niggas inside of fabricsCommissioned by the state, I skate by the mastersLike "Yoo-hoo" via a new-new ridin" passengerShout out Oak Cliff, I"m "bout to fly to DallasDecade from now I can just buy the MavericksWhat up, Mark Cuban?I am just part humale, half-guy, half-amazingPlus I"m excellent at math prefer I"m AsianHate to usage stereotypes, however that"s light compared to what a nigga acquire from CaucasiansNo race baitin", treat the beat choose PlaystationReporting to you live from the Internationwide Void StationI more than likely vacation on MarsThe flow is out of this people and also so is the barsBlow the facade best off of your squadLil" rappers, I love you, but you ain"t shit "til you gained supplies in PragueLook that shit upA book, nigga, pick that shit upExpand your vocabI"m providing out toe tags for no cashAll summer long plus 3 seasons afterPlease CC a rapper, tell him accomplish meIt"s absolutely imperative that my heat speak to rappersThe trouble through this game is this weak sea of rappersI"m the answer on the low, I"m a cwarmth sheet for rappersI came roughly AC, the DC adaptorsPlug talk, what I"m really sayin" is a shame however my niggas relocate "caine prefer HBCU KappasWhole town complete of CC SabathiasYou think niggas gettin" fat pitchin" crack?Not reallyThis is not the eighties, don"t be sillyNow we push pills and offer heroin to BillyNow Billy momma desire the judge to pardon his addictionHow many kind of babsence addicts that acquired recorded up in the systemWith no sob stories on your prime time television, I have the right to smell a blatant contradictionMan, listenDon"t want to fuck up my vibeLet"s finish it on a positive note, come check out me liveKOD, album of the year, undebatablyMy cadence be the biggest we"ve watched given that the late MC who"s name was The NotoriousDreamville stacked favor the WarriorsWinning ago to backNext off up to bat is my nigga BasAfter that Jiddy-J.I.DThat"s that New York City son plus ATLMe, I"m from the "Ville but I recognize them communities wellBefore I had a deal I was givin" niggas hellNow I"m givin" niggas deals and they givin" niggas hell