The players space poised to strike after ~ Thursday"s games due to the fact that they believe, with an excellent reason, that if no covenant is got to by the finish of the post-season, the owners will certainly declare one impasse … — Murray Chass, New York Times, 9 Aug. 1994 we seem to have been required into an impasse. We need to recognize why space-time singularities have actually the structures that they show up to have; however space-time singularities are areas where our knowledge of physics has actually reached its limits. — i get it Penrose, The Emperor"s brand-new Mind, 1989 ns think the polite rights movement in the early and middle years available the best method out of America"s gyeongju impasse: in this society, race have to not it is in a resource of advantage or disadvantage because that anyone. — Shelby Steele, Harper"s, June 1988 one arbitrator was referred to as in to break the impasse. She had reached one impasse in she career.

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Recent examples on the net perhaps this reported contract impasse is no reason for angst. — Kent Somers, The Arizona Republic, 6 Oct. 2021 as soon as an impasse between Senate leaders and Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) delayed the COVID-19 relief bill almost 24 hours, Biden make calls to Manchin, among others, and delivered the 50th vote. — Janet Hook, Los Angeles Times, 7 July 2021 Allegheny County typical Pleas Judge john McVay asserted an impasse in the dispute in between the city of Pittsburgh and also the Italian Sons and Daughters that America over the Columbus frosting in Schenley Park, the Tribune-Review reports. — indigenous Usa this particular day Network and also Wire Reports, USA TODAY, 17 June 2021 Eventually, the committee poll in a 7-7 impasse, which technically keeps the invoice alive. — Washington Post, 28 Apr. 2021 one impasse after Israel"s 4th national election in around two years might mean the Israelis might soon be asked to walk to the polls for a 5th time. — Editorial Board, Star Tribune, 26 Mar. 2021 must the federal government remain at an impasse, states and also localities, which can go beyond the commonwealth minimum, won"t have to wait around. — Paul Wiseman, ajc, 17 Feb. 2021 should the federal government remain at an impasse, states and localities, which have the right to go past the commonwealth minimum, won"t have to wait around. — Arkansas Online, 17 Feb. 2021 despite the setback, the two at some point cleared the impasse and, exhausted, sweaty, and soaked come the pores, arised from the rainforest. — Daniel Glick, Scientific American, 3 Apr. 2017

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