I am not a life thing, however I can grow. Ns don"t have actually lungs, yet I require air; I have actually no mouth, but water kills me. What am I?



A lumber fire


Water puts out a lumber fire, the is not alive, it has actually no mouth, it needs oxygen (air) and it can prosper bigger.

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An different that still rather fits, but is more than likely not the intended answer.

It is:

A soap bubble


It"s not alive, yet can prosper by having actually air blown right into it. It has no mouth, yet requires air to exist. Splashing water ~ above a balloon destroys the - choose in a kitchen sink.


I went because that an alternative solution


I am not a living thing, however I deserve to grow

watch a sluggish motion video of lightning to win - it grows from clouds to planet (technically from planet to clouds!)

I don"t have actually lungs, however I require air

Lightning doesn"t happen without waiting (you can do it small scale in a lab, yet it doesn"t happen in nature or top top a range of lightning, therefore this is correct)

I have actually no mouth, but water death me

No lightning strikes in ~ solid water!


The answer can also be.



you get more thirsty until you drink water(killing the thirst).


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