The illustration starts v the highlights of the season 1. A voice native the background introduce them and their love story. Arnav and also Khushi hated each other but the destiny brought them together. They separated but were lugged together. They wrote a love story.RABBA VE in the background. Yet they couldn"t name the love... Bcoz this love had hatred together with love. But then they held hands and walked with each other to assistance each other. They were far from us but now they are back to us.

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Arnav wakes up from his sleep phone call "Khushi" in his husky sleepy voice. The roams his eyes approximately the room come spot his wife however gets disappointed. While at the same minute Hair Prakash enters. Arnav sit up top top his bed and also asks Hari Prakash around Khushi who in return answers the his Bhabhi (Khushi) has actually asked him no to tell Arnav. Hari Prakash then hands end a tablet to Arnav and asks the to check out Khushi"s message.

As soon as Arnav theatre the video, that hears a scream of Khushi saying, "Laad Governor" angrily. Khushi says, "I"m upset with you that"s why I"m calling you Laad Governor. You won"t remember therefore I"ll repeat you myself. What"s the date today?" Arnav looks in ~ HP through his confusing hair and also still sleepy perplexed eyes. He again hears Khushi saying, "Don"t ask HP." She then states she"s an extremely upset together he forgot today"s date. Arnav tries come remember hard but fails miserably. Khushi claims she"ll neither speak nor come in front of the today. She asks him come remember what happened three years ago on the same day. The video ends.

HP was around to handover the tea cup come Arnav once his (HP"s) phone rings. Keeping back the cup, the looks in ~ the caller ID. He goes away from Arnav who looks at him perplexed. Turning anticlockwise 90 indigenous Arnav, HP answer the speak to while Arnav simply stares in ~ him. HP tells Khushi that he hasn"t said anything to Arnav and also finally ends up blurting, "Nahi Bhabhi Maine nahi kaha ki aaj aapki shaadi ki saalgirah hai" He shortly understands his folly together Khushi cuts the call. HP turns roughly to Arnav and also saying, "Happy Anniversary Sir" he moves the end of the room. Arnav is every while shocked and surprised. His face was a sight to see with messy hair and open mouth through a little bit long stubble on his face.

"What the!!! Wedding Anniversary..." Arnav says, "For our very first anniversary I had actually thrown a party together a surprise... 3 mainly later. Ns messed up v the date and Khushi had actually talked come me in authorize language for the next totality week." He further adds, "Don"t know what"s this time." speak it the gets down of the bed to gain ready with a smirk top top his face.

The step changes. Arnav place in his waist coat and wears his watch. Turning around he says indicating the watch, "My 2nd Wedding Anniversary gift native Khushi." that then states Khushi had actually gifted him a watch while he bought her simple chocolates- The last minute arrangements. He was in London and had forgotten the anniversary. When he carried chocolate v himself, she had actually some kind of fast. To his poor luck the year, she didn"t even use any kind of sign language.

He tries calling Khushi indigenous his iPhone but to his bad luck, Khushi disconnects the phone. Just then he gets a phone contact from Aman. Arnav speak him that he won"t be comes to the office and likewise asks him come cancel all the meetings because that the day. In reply, Aman states something to Arnav while Arnav says, "Tnx because that the desire Aman". Arnav cuts the call and whispers, " even Aman remembers it. I"ll have to do something to woo her back."

He to be walking v the top floor of the residence thinking of methods to woo Khushi once he claims he"ll decorate the entirety house, buy countless gifts and then he"ll certain woo earlier Khushi. Suddenly he gets a msg indigenous Khushi with an angry emoticon as if she review his thoughts even when miles apart.

Arnav is sit on the sofa and also wrapping gifts when he says, "I forgot however it"s to be 3 year of him and Khushi. Can anyone imagine I, Arnav singh Raizada, is doing all the decorations? fine I"ll have actually to. Khushi"s msg was scary." he then more adds, "Balloons and also decorations is no me. Mental I used to be an arrogant and cruel businessman... Well... Ns wasn"t but that"s what Khushi Kumari Gupta thought me to be. Sometimes I don"t believe we gained married also after our an initial meeting."

He climate recalls the Fashion present where Khushi"s driven on the ramp and how she end up fallout’s in Arnav"s eight while ASR stares at her angrily.

He smiles come it and says, "I discover it strange thinking once my wife supplied to go approximately on busy highways in ethnic ghaghra-choli top top a milkman"s scooter with a helmet on her head over she ghunghat. Crazy" he furthers admits the it"s all destiny"s game. Girlfriend never recognize when a stranger becomes your partner... A moment where a stranger touches your heart. After the day castle headed earlier to their homes. Him to Delhi and also she to her home. First meeting was so bitter however he never thought the they"ll accomplish again... And that in his office.

Arnav was about to ask HP for his coffee yet stopped midway and said, "Khushi asked that to execute his occupational on his own"

Back v his coffee sit on his sofa the continues, "I didn"t know Khushi was working in my office." He then talks around how he didn"t know about her being in his office and also how she had actually lit the diya in front of Devi Maiyaa"s idol and the fire alarm go on with sprinklers getting on wetting everyone and spoiling ASR"s presentation. He was so angry the time. In current he says, "Khushi states it was every done by Devi Maiyaa therefore I discover to patience down and my Di find the explanation correct."

"Sometimes you begin hearing her heart beats and start seeing only one person everywhere. The day same happened to me." the didn"t say earlier then however he realized it now. Khushi didn"t look bad. She looked choose someone through whom friend can fall in love anytime. --That work Khushi remained in a red saree while Arnav to be glaring in ~ her.-- he continues that time the didn"t care about anything but his something occurred in his heart. Rabba Ve...

The flashback shows the guest house where Khushi it s okay mad at him and scolds him speak he cares for no one yet himself. And he think money as his god.

In current he says, "I to be shocked. The tiny little girl was taking "panga" v me. ~ 3 years of marriage it"s okay however at that time..." His voice trails off.

He gets a call and seeing it"s Khushi, he picks up the contact saying, "Hey..." Khushi replies angrily through a "What the". " What the... You"re insulting me. HP said me everything. I won"t talk to you. I"m leaving. "

Arnav says, "You have left already. You aren"t home?" She then claims he"s making fun of her and also adds further, "Arnav singh Raizada, I"ll never come back" and also the speak to gets disconnected.

Precap:- Arnav has actually a box complete of jalebis in his hand and also he says, "1 year qoata of jalebis for Khusha which she"ll finish in a day." climate he bring away up an additional box and also says, "Sukha mega because that his diabetic husband.". Climate a brown cover come in his hand. That takes the end the papers and also is shocked to read them.

Okay for this reason it was this for the first episode. I enjoyed watching and writing this. Walk you clock it? exactly how did you feeling like? i was jumping in joy. Now it"s your revolve to share her happiness.

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Though watched the episode on hotstar however it felt great reading the written update too thanks a lot and also for the pm