The first action in the rational decision-making design is to: A. define the situation B. develop alternate responses C. recruit team members to occupational on the difficulty D. gather data

You are watching: __________ is the art of utilizing organizational resources to accomplish goals at work.

__________ is the art of using business sources to achieve objectives at work-related. A. Justification B. Management C. Preparation D. Socialization
The initially action in regulating consists of: A. issuing orders and explaining routines B. setting clear performance requirements C. creating a clear chain of command D. assigning employees to perdevelop particular tasks
A __________ is an in its entirety explanation of why an organization exists and where it is trying to head. A. tactical plan B. corpoprice charter C. vision D. prime directive
A __________ evaluation is provided to help suppliers evaluate their interior toughness and also weaknesses, and also construct an awareness of external dangers and methods. A. WISH B. ASSET C. SWOT D. SWAMP
__________ is the term supplied to describe providing employees the education and learning and also tools they need to assume extra decision-making powers. A. Upgrading B. Provisioning C. Enabling D. Energizing
One of the 4 major attributes of administration is: A. regulating B. marketing C. financing D. designing
__________ are units within an company that receive solutions from other devices within the company. A. Profit centers B. Internal customers C. Third-party distribution centers D. End-users
The administration feature involved with anticipating future fads and also determining the best tactics to achieve an organization"s objectives and also goals is known as: A. leadership B. forecasting C. planning D. directing
Management is even more steady this particular day. There is even more focus on: A. placing higher reliance on the government for financing B. striving to eliminate the manage function of monitoring C. individual work-related that deserve to be effectively measured D. working in teams
__________ is the monitoring attribute that involves determining whether an company is advancing towards its objectives, rewarding employees for doing a good job, and taking corrective action when they are not. A. Controlling B. Organizing C. Leading D. Officiating
__________ planning determines the significant goals of an organization and lays the structure for obtaining and making use of resources to attain those purposes. A. Tactical B. Strategic C. Contingency D. Central
__________ are specific, short-lived, measurable outcomes an organization desires to accomplish in order to satisfy its long-term goals. A. Opportunity targets B. Mission complements C. Directives D. Objectives
___________ are wide, permanent accomplishments an organization wants to attain.A. Agendas B. Objectives C. Goals D. Directives

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