The offseachild leading as much as the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship series, was overcame by speculation about whether or not the unemployed James Stewart would obtain signed by a team, race with his very own privateer effort or ssuggest ride off right into the suncollection via his Hevery one of Fame stats. Here we are, seven rounds right into the 2017 Supercross seakid and also we still cannot offer you a definitive answer to that question.

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The last time we heard from the ultra secretive JS7 was 6 weeks earlier from his

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TheRealJS7 Instagram account, and also it’s been crickets considering that then. “It’s been 16 years considering that a Saturday night in Jan came and also i wasn’t in a stadium doing what I love,” James said. “But all I have the right to say is it won’t last for long!!! Truly can’t tell ya just how much I’m looking forward to returning doing it my means.”

We still don’t know specifically what James’ way for 2017 is, however we have heard that James picked up a couple production 2017 Honda 450’s. The rumor is James will pit out of the Ride365 semi with his brother Malcolm Stewart beginning as quickly as Daytona. There has been no confirmation from the Stewart camp on Daytona—or anything for that matter—however in Minneapolis, the Daytona rumor seemed to gain some traction. In spite of the rumor obtaining traction, we still have actually not seen a solitary video of the #7 riding of training.

James Stewart only scored ten points throughout the 2016 seaboy with his finest end up being a 13th in Atlanta. Photograph by: Andrea Barnett

How will certainly James perform if he does return? We have no principle how James’ fitness and speed is at the minute so any kind of attempt at a solution would certainly be anyone’s ideal guess. James has 50 450SX primary occasion wins on his career résumé, yet he only finimelted one main occasion in 2016. The last time he won a major occasion was at the 2014 St. Louis Supercross, his fifth major occasion win in 2014 before being suspfinished from racing.

Bottom line, James Stewart is a living legend, and we would love to have him back at the races—if not to difficulty for wins or championships, at least to give himself a correct sfinish off prior to retiring from racing.

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James is not simply a champion and the second winningest 450SX rider in background, the #7 readjusted the entire sport for the better and deserves a correct sendoff.