Not all fruits and also vegetables are alike. Although whole foods items are ahealthier option tright here is a pecking order of nutritional worth in between fruits andvegetables. As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the physician amethod,” yet wecannot live on apples alone. Although apples carry out fiber and vitamin C theyexecute not administer a enough amount of other nutrients. Potatoes, on the otherhand, are better in calories and carbohydprices, yet contain only a fraction ofthe dietary fiber uncovered in apples. Potatoes might make you feel full and provide youenergy however they execute not administer an enough amount of the necessary nutrients.So does a fruit or vegetable’s density show its nutritional content? Inthis experiment students will certainly measure the densities of fruits and vegetables,compare their nutrient values, and also determine how thickness and also nutrient contentcorrelate.

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Does a fruit/vegetable’s density suggest its nutritional value? Studentswill meacertain the densities of assorted fruits and vegetables to identify ifthere is a connection in between density and nutritional value.


Various fruits & vegetablesScale (g)500-1000mL graduated cylinder (wide mouth)Water


Choose at least 10 fruits and vegetables to sample.Using your background research create a chart of each sample’s nutritional value.Weigh each of your samples record in grams.Fill a 500-1000mL graduated cylinder ½ way with water and document the volume.Place the sample into the graduated cylinder so that it is subcombined in the water.Meacertain the volume of the water and submerged object.Repeat for each object.From the weight and also displacement measurements calculate: volume, mass, and density.Compare the densities to the nutritional content from your table. Choose at least 5 nutrients to compare. Each nutrient can be compared individually because some fruits will certainly contain nutrients not discovered in other foods items. Create a graph comparing food density and nutrient content using an X,Y scatter plot.

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