// CONCERT testimonial // sum 41, SALLE METROPOLE, LAUSANNE, 2.2.2017 – ‘Cause I’m in too deep, and I’m trying to keep, up above in mine head, instead of going under.

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Salle Métropole is very crowded for this Sum 41 offered out show! But because the doors opened up at 6.30pm over there is still some time to wait because that the headliners. The opened band Pærish makes the wait smoother.

8pm-8:30pm Pærish

Pærish is a French rock band made of four guys. The band is quite young they exit their an initial album Semi Finalists in 2016. Your melodic alternative rock is colourful and also although some of the riffs are difficult the voice that the singer, which is quite high, adds melody to their music. Hefty drums and fast riffs provide the tape a touch the punk-rock.

The singer speak a nice anecdote to the audience, 14 years earlier two of the tape members went to their an initial concert and also saw none various other than… Sum 41! You deserve to imagine the band’s happiness in supporting them for a month top top tour! and also it’s for certain well-deserved!

9:05-10:50 sum 41

The colourful lights shine on the white paper which hides the stage. At one suggest someone starts play the drums and also then 4 human shadows which stage. The curtain drops unveiling Sum 41 behind it, the screaming audience welcomes the band. The guys start rocking straight away through singer Deryck Whibley calling increase a couple of people ~ above stage, they will certainly watch the whole concert native a privileged place on the left side of the stage!

The five Canadian guys are in perfect shape and offer the audience an exceptional gig! Throughout the show they take it the possibility to beat some new stuff bring away from their last album 13 Voices favor “Fake my very own death” and “War”. Deryck Whibley dedicates the last one to every Sum 41 pan who assisted him overcome challenging times. A emotional message for the fans, mirroring them that the band needs them simply as much as they require the band’s music.

The old songs are the people which gather more people in the to sing along and also in the jumping approximately! The singer speak the audience right away to create a mosh pit one in front and that’s it… a gig patterned by a metal moment, more punk-rock ones and a few slower moments.

The concert unwinds among special impacts like confettis thrown in the air during some songs, balloons comes out during “Underclass” and smoke coming up from the stage.

In the center of the song “Makes No Difference” the security civilization come and make a path in the public to permit singer Deryck Whibley, who is escorted by 4 security men, to with the smaller sized stage behind. From there he says hi to the civilization sitting top top the top and the world behind. Climate he provides the audience song the refrain of “Makes No Difference”. He then sings another old song, “With Me” among the look at slowest and also sweetest song by Sum 41 which climate bursts in every its energy with guitar riffs and also drums in the refrain. It’s an intimate moment, with the general public joining in in the singing and waving eight to the rate of the tune.

Back on the key stage it’s time for some sweaty punk-rock fun again! Space is left because that the drummer to display off his amazing skills while the rest of the band pipeline the stage.

Sum 41 also play Queen‘s “We will certainly Rock You” cover in a punk-rock key! fifty percent through the tune they do the audience sit down and also than run up every together. It’s climate time for 2 old favourites: “Still Waiting” and also “In too Deep”! A burst of energy and also two songs which acquire the mosh pit on and also the audience crazily jumping up and also down.

For the encore singer Deryck Whibley sit down and plays the piano, he plays a bit of “Crash” and then the emotional “Pieces” creating a warm atmosphere, together hands wave in the air.

The gig end in smoke and confettis with the punk-rock anthem “Fat Lip” which attributes a rapping by the band at the beginning. The band pipeline the stage and also most of the fans leaving the venue reasoning that the gig is over. Part stay and keep ~ above waiting and also they room rewarded because Sum 41 comes the end to pat one critical song, the men are every disguised in hard-rockers, through long-hair wigs and also such. Lock play “Pain because that Pleasure”, i m sorry is additionally the name of their alter-ego hefty metal band.

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A fun ending for a concert the surely brought ago many human being to their teenage years, since Sum 41 have actually been about for 20 (!) years! The band entirely nailed it play for virtually 2 hours, a pity because that the sound though, which regrettably was not great throughout the whole gig.


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