Inna Lillahi Wa Inna ilayhi Raji’un is a Qur’anic verse which deserve to be viewed in Surah Baqarah <2:156>. This verse is frequently used at the time of disasters, as soon as someone dies, once someone is tested v hardships, and additionally when other is lost.

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We frequently see Muslims recite Inna Lillahi Wa Inallah-e-Raji’oon dua (can also be recited as Inna Lillahi Wa Inna ilayhi Rajioon) when they listen the fatality message that a Muslim. However do us actually know what does it yes, really mean?



Inna Lillahi Wa Inna ilayhi Raji’un definition in English

So what does this Dua typical in English? Many civilization have been asking for it! for this reason basically, it means…

Verily, come Allah we belong and also verily, come Him we shall return.

You know this meaning, right? Surely you do! however let’s gain deeper right into the meaning.

Everything that you very own in her life, or have approximately you, belongs come Allah (SWT) alone. The property, cars, money, beauty, blessings, and also the condition that friend have, belongs to Allah (SWT).

He can give you at any time He wants to and can take it you earlier whenever the wants.

Every heart will taste death. And also We test you ˹O humanity˺ with great and evil together a trial, climate to united state you will certainly ˹all˺ be returned. <21:35> – Source

So now, together He is the creator and owner the Everything, He have the right to test anyone, whenever by offering the things the human being loves and also taking lock back. This is whereby the Muslim requirements to have patience. Indeed, Allah loves the one that keeps patience.

It to be narrated through Abu Huraira that:

Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) said: If Allah wants to do good to somebody, he afflicts him v trials.

This is why you must always be thankful come Allah (SWT). Always keep reciting Alhamdulillah because that everything, as there space many people out over there who are craving points that friend own!

Never be proud of what girlfriend own, and also never it is in arrogant.

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As discussed in the Qur’an (Ayah an-Nahl, 16:29):

So enter the entrances of hell, to dwell therein forever. Woeful indeed will be the lodging that the arrogant

Sadly, many Muslims nowadays room being proud of your money and also fame. May Allah (SWT) provide us Hidayah, Aameen!

So now, together you recognize the meaning of Inna Lillahi Wa Inna ilayhi Raji’un in Arabic & English, remember to repent, be thankful come Allah (SWT) for everything, and have Sabr. Also, download the Inna Lillahi Wa Inallah-e-Raji’oon image and store the on her device.