After law a tiny research and reading that it’s generally the ideal pick i’m a little frustrated. Classic is my very first time playing WoW and I got my Druid come 60 a while ago and simply picked it ago up because I wanted to mess around with bear tanking and I realized exactly how much I like it. Currently I’m a little disappointed discovering I messed up with my decision months ago. Also I’m no being lazy, I would re-roll one more Druid if that is in truth game breaking. Ns just have actually 90% of mine pre-raid and my Druid was my first 60 therefore I’d it is in sad to have to re-level it.

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Alright therefore the an initial priority because that you is to join the standard Druid discord, and also there is a Feral Tank channel which has the optimal druids 24/7 come answer your questions, large or small. I'll answer your concern to the best of my capability as I had actually the same dilemma in the previous over various other item choices and also wish I had actually someone to explain it come me (I pat a Feral Druid MT v all the existing content)

To price succinctly: It's alright to not have actually taken note of Tyranny, regardless of it gift 'best in slot'. Don't anxiety yourself around it, simply use Hand that Justice and also Blackhand's Breadth

Longer answer:

I assume your concern is coming from seeing part best-in-slot lists and having them list mark of Tyranny as 'best in slot' forever. It might relieve you to understand nany Druid 'best in slot' list have really poorly itemized gear sets for multiple reasons. The an initial reason is fight (i.e. Perform not having actually 9% fight (or close to that)), the second reason is hazard (i.e. List not having close to enough aggressive stats and also instead focusing on defensive stats)... And the third is Armor Cap.

At 75% physics mitigation, having much more armor doesn't carry out anything and as together you protect against wearing items that give armor specifically and start to focus on various other stats. (You acquire to about this state at the end of BWL or begin of AQ40. It's slightly various for Alli/Horde). Don't gain me wrong, Armor is great and all, but most gear lists just take the gear with the many armor in every slot and just brand it 'bis'. Mark of Tyranny is a massive item in regards to survivability in 5-man dungeons, MC, BWL, etc but loses a the majority of it's value when either a) you method that armor cap, or b) when you don't need the mitigation no longer (which is an extremely quickly as soon as you start acquiring BWL geared)

The 2% crit is still very good because that a druid tank. Theoretically, if I had actually the 2% crit trinket, i would usage it right now in Blackwing Lair rather of note of Tyranny as I don't need the extra mitigation at this allude (close to BWL bis gear)

Regardless of something else, in the next phase the BiS trinkets because that Tank druid room Drake Fang Talisman and Earthstrike - mark of Tyranny isn't even included.(I am speaking typically here through regard come the value of mitigation vs threat)

Summary #2: Really, don't worry around the trinket. Someone said it below and got downvoted due to being snarky however I think i have increased my answer sufficient to have the right to say it: