All life things call for “fuel” in one form or the various other to survive. However, in this article, we are going come be focusing on plants. Fine look at how plants gather raw materials for their energy synthesis; what photosynthesis is all about; and in which form energy is save in herbs.

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But, first, let united state go earlier to the beginning. Where carry out the raw materials for power synthesis in tree come from?

Before a tree is maybe to produce its food, this raw materials detailed before should be present:


Is the chemistry substance the gives weeds their characteristics green color. That is this pigment the captures light energy for photosynthesis.

Light Energy

The strength they usage in the produce of your food falls between the 400 – 700nm wavelength the the electromagnetic spectrum. And also this wavelength band is dubbed the photosynthetically active radiation. Therefore we’re talk here around the complete spectrum range. If you plan to acquire some lights for your indoor gardening(because her indoor harvests require light together well), you must opt in for the complete spectrum LED prosper lights.

Carbon dioxide

While humans, animals and also every other living organism require oxygen plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to procedure their food. Plants breathe in CO2 during photosynthesis and also give out Oxygen (O2).


Of course, together the global solvent, water is compelled by weeds when producing their food.

So, all these ‘raw material’ should be present and in enough quantity because that to manufacture your food.

Fun Fact: tree and specific green algae room the just living points that deal with their power requirements by utilizing environmental facets to synthesize their power while humans and also other animals depend top top herbs for their fuel.

What is photosynthesis all about?

Photosynthesis is at the main point of the food chain and also life sustenance ~ above this planet. It is the chemical process in plants where all the ‘raw materials’ (water, carbon oxide, sunlight) experience a reaction come produce sugar and oxygen.

In various other words, they convert sunlight into chemical energy.

Where does photosynthesis occur?


It is crucial to recognize that no every part of the tree is suitable for photosynthesis. In fact, plants have certain “organs’ draft for the purpose, and it is the leaves. Come be much more specific chloroplast cell on the leaves ‘houses’ the environment-friendly chlorophyll.

So, you will do be appropriate to think of the plant pipeline as factories.

Let united state go a small deeper to know the photosynthetic process:

The chemistry reaction

From High institution sciences, you to be taught the photosynthesis is a chemical reaction. And also every reaction has an equation. Yeah, i know, stay with me – I’m really going to do this as simple as possible:

6CO2 + 6H2O + Light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2

That’s the photosynthesis equation, and all the is speak is: throughout photosynthesis, plants integrate six molecules of carbon dioxide with six molecules the Oxygen in the visibility of irradiate to give out one molecule that sugar and six molecule of Oxygen.

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The photosynthetic process is divided into 2 stages – the light and also dark reactions:

Light reaction – occurs during the work or in the presence of irradiate which primarily involves trapping the light and also converting it into adenosine tree phosphate (ATP) needed during the dark stage.