I can't complete the level 45 SCH quest called "In the image of the Ancients" and also I really desire to it is in a SCH.

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I can't abandon the quest! This is the very first thing anyone tells me come do.

I coincidentally threw away the white items necessary for the search items in order to receive the course blue items together a reward. Acquiring this the end of the method since most civilization I've request think I'm talking around the blue gear.

The NPC speak me to go back and speak to every the previous NPCs to obtain replacements for the items i deleted.

When ns go speak to them there is no option or something to get the items. I visited every solitary NPC in this action by action of the quest.

Search for direwort shrubs in Mor Dhona.Harvest pipeline from the direwort shrub.Deliver the leaves and also thesis come Redolent rose in Ul'dah.Ask Serendipity to finish Redolent Rose's work.Ask Geva in Gridania to finish Redolent Rose's work.Ask Beli to end up Redolent Rose's work.Speak with Alka Zolka at the Marauders' Guild.None of them give it come me and also the shrub leaves I needed to pick aren't over there anymore.

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Are you certain you dont have blue gear for this pursuit in your inventory? You should equip it before talking come Zolka because that last step. Previous search items are offered up in exchange for blue gear

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Oh fuck me, I put it away ns guess thinking that to be SMN stuff while i was organizing my inventory. Everything I was doing resulted in my arsenal chest to acquire filled therefore I quit the SCH searches to organize it and I shed track that what i was doing. Ns feel retarded.

My friend also said "I bet it's walking to be something an easy lmao"

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Talk to everyone at the Weavers Guild

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