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1.What does famous consent mean?Popular consent method people should have the ability to participate directly in the administrate of their own societies.2.What is the idea behind the social contract theory?The society contract theory compares the relationship between a culture and its citizens to parties entering into a contract.3.True or False: In a direct democracy, world vote because that representatives who work-related on your behalf to create laws.False. In one indirect democracy, world vote for representatives who job-related on your behalf to create laws.4.True or False: England had a sizeable amount of money ~ the French and Indian war.False. ~ the French and also Indian war (1754-63), England was monetarily drained.5.True or False: The Virginia arrangement called for a strong national government that acquired its power from the people, no the states.True. The framework of congress is based both top top the Virginia plan (House the Representatives) and also the brand-new Jersey setup (Senate).6.According come Aristotle\"s theory of natural law, culture should it is in governed by: a) A monarchb) ethical principlesc) AristotleAristotle believed that a federal government should respect that is citizens and also not execute things like steal a citizen\"s property.7.In which form of government is the strength to govern given to the people? a) Aristocracyb) Oligarchyc) DemocracyIn aristocracies and also oligarchies the world have tiny or no renowned consent. Thus, the founding fathers decided a form of democracy. 8.What is just one of the key reasons the colonists started to organize versus England? a) England applied strict counting on the colonistsb) England claimed that the colonists would need to turn their residences over to the Frenchc) castle came house late one night, and also England base themOne the the main reasons the colonists began to organize against England is the England implemented strict count on the colonists, such as the street Act and the stamp Act.9.When were the write-ups of Confederation ratified?a) before the Revolutionary Warb) during the Revolutionary Warc) after ~ the Revolutionary WarAlthough the write-ups of Confederation were written before the Revolutionary War, they were validated after the war.10.In a confederation, i m sorry of the following holds the many power? a) State governmentsb) national governmentc) CourtsIn a confederation, state federal governments hold the most power, and also the national government is weak. This was among the main problems with the short articles of Confederation. The national government couldn\"t do lot to assert regulate on a national level.11.What is the an outcome of the good Compromise?a) depiction in Congress established by state population.b) Every state gets two representatives in Congress.c) Both \"a\" and also \"b.\"The an outcome of the good Compromise is that claims are represented two means in Congress. One, by populace in the residence of Representatives, and two, every state gets 2 Senators in the Senate.12.Which of the following ideal describes federalism?a) The national federal government possesses almost all of the power.

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B) The state governments possess almost all of the power.c) strength is spread to both the national and also state governments.In federalism, power is distributed to both the national and state governments.13.According come the prominence clause in the Constitution, which form of law has supremacy?a) national lawb) State lawc) neighborhood lawAccording to the prominence clause, national law has supremacy over state and also local law.14.In short article I the the Constitution, the Necessary and also Proper clause gives what form of powers to Congress?a) Elastic powersb) Enumerated powersc) supervisor powersIn article I that the Constitution, the Necessary and also Proper clause offers elastic strength to Congress. Elastic powers are powers that aren\"t specifically proclaimed in the Constitution, however that Congress deserve to use to bring out its enumerated powers, which space explicitly declared in the Constitution.15.Article III of the Constitution encounters what branch the government?a) Executiveb) Legislativec) JudicialArticle III that the constitution lists the powers and also responsibilities of the righteousness branch that government.Click below to return to the illustration Page.