Who would certainly win Imperium of Man circa M. 41, or Galactic Empire under the management of Emperor Palpatine?

Both side deserve to use whatever they have the right to in an all out battle, Empire can use the stuff from the EU, Imperium can use stuff from novels too.

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I would favor to point out that Imperial ships are far quicker in realspace than GE ships are, through combat velocities approaching .75c. Psykers are likewise a very solid force and are far even more common than Jedi. A single psyker had the ability to destroy an orbiting ship via a single attack, and also would have ruined the earth if not for intervention.

Eincredibly Star Wars fan below appears to be forgaining that they have to make hyperspace courses, particularly bereason this is the EU. SW doesn't get to just understand wright here exactly everything is.

Especially because the Emperor is going to have actually the majority of totally free time currently that he doesn't need to fight a war in the warp.

The Imperium is going to have actually a large advantage as a result of the fact that warp travel is actually much more advantageous in uncharted room. They'll be on the offensive initially, and also that will most likely be all she composed as the GE's just opportunity is to be on the offensive rapid and also tough prior to the battle machine of the Imperium grinds them to dust.

Pretty a lot any type of provided route in well-known area, which is about 2/3 of the galaxy, is currently plotted at this allude. The just obstacle is in the unrecognized regions, and also even then it is not even that a lot of a time sink.

Well, the Imperium crushes the GE in a ground problem, there's no debating that. I'd say IoM ships perdevelop better in area combat, and have a a lot longer strike variety while GE Star Destroyers all leave their command also bridge in a painfully noticeable place.

The GE is larger than the Imperium though, it has actually even more manpower and also higher production capacity, this in addition to a vastly superior FTL approach would certainly more than likely offer them an edge over individually exceptional foes.

That sassist, the GE is also overconfident, and the IoM fight in a permanent state of bloodlust, this can result in them taking some major losses in the beforehand steras prior to they realise exactly how good a danger the IoM pose.

Except also minor outlays in market are enough to stress and anxiety the GE. A few million clones, a few SSDs, or a Death Star; these are all enough to reason considerable stress and anxiety to the GE economy.

In comparison, the variety of dead guardsmen number 400 billion a year (old White Dwarf magazine), and also has actually done so for 10,000 years. The Imperial Navy numbers at least in the numerous thousands, confirmed by the Cacodominus Incidence, in which the death of a psyker-daemon is able to reason "millions upon millions" of ships to be lost in an instant. If we assume 10% are army craft, that gives us 100,000s of ships gone in a bconnect. This doesn't also anxiety the IOM, which continues to expand for another 6,000 years. The Imperial Navy frequently areas battleships identical or better than SSDs (Sabbat Campaigns, Damocles Crusade, Jericho Crusade). The AdMech, which is it's own entity and also equal in dimension to the Imperium, fields Ark Mechanicus which fire time traveling black holes as standard ammunition. Furthermore, tright here are 3000-10,000 battleship equivalents in the Gap Maritime chapters, referred to as Battle Barges (10-20kilometres ships through weaponry to boot), which are as effective or more so, qualified of mass scattering planets through focused firepower or utterly ravaging a earth through Exterminatus weaponry (eg virus bombs, cyclonic torpedoes). Finally, the forces of the Inquisition are equal or higher than any of the above factions. They have actually accessibility to too much technology such as robotic, reality-phased out kill ships capable of delivering Exterminatus ordnance to all over in the Galaxy within a few weeks.

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Each ship is capable of outplacing teratons+ of firepower and also naval combat deserve to take weeks to fix. In spite of this, orbital and also surchallenge defenses are so strong that they deserve to one-swarm ships. Any earth of any importance has dozens to numerous orbital defense platforms.