The imperium battles each and also every job from infighting, intergalactic and extragalactic threats, not to mention it is quiet recovering native the Horus Heresy. Despite the odds, the imperium tho maintains a million worlds and also has endured for end 10,000 years. Exactly how does the judgment body the the Imperium that man control to carry out this?


It"s greatly self governed through an overruling force on Terra

In 40K the imperium consists of over a million civilizations as you stated these people are difficult to keep track off.

The IOM (Imperium the Man) is administrate by the Adeptus Terra i m sorry is the main organisation body of the imperium. In ~ the Adeptus terra are most of the main departments and organisations in ~ the imperium. These autumn under a basic command structure as seen here.

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The organizations that aren"t in ~ this command structure are the Ecclesiarchy, Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Inquisition. This command structure is top by the High Lords of Terra the council is composed of 12 leaders of the most an effective organizations within the imperium, namely:

These complying with 9 are always on the council

The grasp of the Administratum

The Inquisitorial Representative

The Ecclesiarch of the Adeptus Ministorum

The Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus

The cool Provost Marshal that the Adeptus Arbites

The Paternoval Envoy the the Navigators

The grasp of the Astronomican

The Grand understand of the Officio Assassinorum

The master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica

whilst the continuing to be 3 positions room most most likely to be filled through these

Lord command of Segmentum SolarLord command Militant the the royal GuardCardinal(s) of the divine Synod the TerraThe Abbess that the Adepta SororitasCaptain-General the the Adeptus CustodesThe Chancellor that the heritage ImperiumThe Speaker because that the Chartist CaptainsLord High Admiral the the royal Navy

You also have the Senatorum itself, and also it is created of 10s of thousands of imperial dignitaries, nobleman, lords, and also other officials, yet these hardly ever meet and also instead the "High Twelve" command the vast majority of affairs.

Though after Roboute Guilliman was revitalized during the events of the collection Storm the took charge of the entirety imperium together the lord Commander of the Imperium and also Imperial Regent. Though he later on reinstated the the supervisory board of the High lords through Guilliman serving as their head.

The task of the High Lords is to interpret and enact the will certainly of the Emperor. Accordingly, the place of High lord was the most powerful in the Imperium till the reemergence the Roboute Guilliman, who declared himself royal Regent, or the Emperor"s living Voice

Because of just how many worlds there room within the imperium and how huge it is, it"s nice much impossible to have a single main goverment. Therefor each earth is administrate by a Planetary branch whom is to ascendancy a imperial planet and is free to run set planet as he/she chooses. As long as he/she keeps control over the planet"s Tithes (resources offered to the imperium) and also the numbers of mutants and psykers on the planet. Every planet has their very own planetary defense force and orbital defenses.

You also have some planets and also systems that follow their very own command. Most notably the kingdom of Ultramar, i beg your pardon is command by the mr of Macragge i beg your pardon is the existing chaptermaster of the Ultramarines space marine chapter. And also 4 Tetrarch"s which are the leaders of the 4 below sectors. Whom room the leader of the Planetary Governors the the planets.

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TL;DR The imperium is largely ruled by numerous thousands of Planetary Governors each judgment a earth or planet"s through exceptions there, however they are all bound to the bigger imperium i beg your pardon is rule by the adeptus terra, which chin is top by Roboute Guilliman and also the 12 High lord"s that terra.