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Harry James and His Orchestra with vocalist Kitty Kallen took the song to the peak of the charts in 1945, beating out Ellington’s variation which rested at number six.

- Sandra Burlingame

MusicBattle Each Other EllingtonJohnny HodgesHarry James
LyricsDon George

In 1944 bandleaders Duke Ellington and also Harry James collaborated via alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges to build his melody into the hit song “I’m Beginning to See the Light” with a lyric by Don George, who also wrote the lyric for Ellington’s “I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues” that very same year.

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The song spent numerous weeks on Your Hit Parade and also charted 3 times in 1945 with James’ version leading the load. Vocalist Joya Sherrill, who was only seventeen, had just joined the Ellington band once they tape-recorded this tune which featured Hodges and trombonist Lawrence Brown:

Harry James and also His Orchestra (1945, Kitty Kallen, vocal, 19 weeks, 2 weeks in initially place) Ella Fitzgerald and also the Ink Spots (1945, 6 weeks, rising to #5) Duke Ellington and also His Orchestra (1945, Joya Sherrill, vocal, 12 weeks, increasing to #6)

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Chart information supplied by permission fromJoel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954

As biographer James Lincoln Collier points out in his book Battle Each Other Ellington, “I’m Beginning to See the Light” is in the create of the timeless American renowned song. “But more than many composers of popular songs, tended to create more consecutive melodies, consisted of of quite different, also contrasting, phrases, creating more the impact of speech or dialogue. When well done, this device of creating inevitably produces a more amazing and melodically richer tune, although one probably correspondingly much less acceptable to the ordinary ear.”

Don George’s lyric for “I’m Beginning to See the Light” faces romantic imeras such as “lantern-shine” and “rainbows in my wine” to which the singer was impervious till falling in love. In The Poets of Tin Pan Alley Philip Furia praises George’s witty use of a list of “light” images and his capacity to resolve a daunting song. “Ellington’s tune was specifically difficult to collection, since each A area is composed of the very same, driving vamp-choose expression recurring 3 times over prior to the melody ultimately transforms. In one way, George heightened this musical insistence, making use of the exact same rhyme for the initially 3 lines of each section:

I never cared much for moonlit skies,I never before winked back at fireflies,but now that the stars are in your eyes,I’m beginning to check out the light.

“George ends by rekindling among the earliest songcomposing cliches, mixing his metaphors of light and heat: ‘yet currently that your lips are burning mine, I’m beginning to watch the light.’”

“I’m Beginning to See the Light” was featured in the award-winning 1981 Broadway present Sophisticated Ladies, and Harry James’ version appears in the 2000 film My Dog Skip. Jonathan and Darlene Edwards (alias Paul Weston and Jo Stafford) paropassed away it out-of-key in their ‘60s Darlene Remembers Duke.

Jazz instrumentalists who have actually recorded the tune encompass bassist Osauto Pettiford, pianist Art Tatum, drummer Chico Hamilton, and vibist Red Norvo. Vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, and also Frank Sinatra have actually featured the song, and also Ann Hampton Callaway had it in her 1996 tribute to Fitzgerald. Guitarist Martin Taylor and the David Grismale Quartet tape-recorded it in 1999, and also Al Jarreau sang it on his 2004 release.

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Philip FuriaThe Poets of Tin Pan Alley: A History of America"s Great LyricistsOxford University Press; Reprint editionPaperback: 336 pages(Author/educator Furia devotes a web page to his analyses of the music and also lyric.)

- Sandra Burlingame

Don Byas, a great swing era tenor saxophonist that additionally functioned in early bebop teams, emigrated to France in the late 1940s and also stayed in Europe for the remainder of his life. His 1946 recording of Duke Ellington’s composition is a fine example of his work and of the talented French musicians he assembled as his accompanists.

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The Gerry Mulligan Quartet through trumpeter Chet Baker videotaped an exciting version of the song in 1953. The piano-much less ensemble’s usage of accents in playing the melody is fascinating and somepoint seldom heard in jazz. As meant, there are fine solos by Mulligan and also Baker (sounding a lot favor Miles Davis). Bhelp Carkid Smith plays the advent to one more Ellington complace, “Just Squeeze Me,” for the intro on this track.

Chris Tyle - Jazz Musician and Historian

Don ByasComplete 1946-51 European Small Group Master TakesDefinitive Classics 11214
Gerry MulliganThe Original Quartet With Chet Baker <2-CD SET>Blue Keep in mind RecordsOriginal recording 1953

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