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If friend sing/use this song, please call the composer and say thank you to Sally Deford! Voicing/Instrumentation: main Children/Primary Solo We likewise have various other 7 species of "If the Savior Stood beside Me". See an ext from Sally Deford. Visit composer"s personal website. See an ext from Church Publications.

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associated song categories are: Christ example Friend/Friendship Obedience/Commandments Flute Optional Obbligato/Flute Accompaniment
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No user ratings because that this tune yet. Leave yours by clicking the button above! much more about Sally Deford: The initial "free mormon music online" publisher, thank you Sally for letting us short article your music! an ext about Church Publications: These room works that were published at some point in the Ensign, Friend, or new Era, or various other church publication, by selected composers.
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There are now so numerous different version of this track in circulation the this web page is collection up in a different format 보다 usual. Each variation is described, and also links come the applicable recordings (where available) and scores immediately follow every description. Lyrics space at the bottom that the page. Over there are at this time six verses because that this song, and you have the right to mix and also match them--just be sure to constantly use the an initial and last.

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