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F ns R E F together Y P i L O T
We"ve excellent the impossible and also that renders us mighty.

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We can"t die, because... We are so an extremely pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.
Somebody ~ above this watercraft has to do an moral living.
Can"t gain paid if you"re dead.
Your mouth is talking. You may want to look to that.
Anyone it s okay in the way, simply shoot "em... Politely.
Getting dreadful crowded in my sky.
The woods are the only ar I can see a clean path.
Well, we might not have actually parted ~ above the finest of terms. I realize certain words to be exchanged. Also, certain... Bullets.
You depend on luck, you end up on the drift... No fuel, no prospects.
We both made out on this deal, don"t complicated things.
If I ever kill you, you"ll be awake, you"ll be encountering me, and you"ll it is in armed.
We"re still flying. It"s enough.
T H E T R A ns N J O B
I"ve provided some assumed to relocating off the edge. Not an ideal location. Can get a ar in the middle.
And I"m thinkin" girlfriend weren"t burdened v an excess of schooling.
Wash, we got some local shade happening... A grand entrance would not walk amiss!
I"m thinking we"ll increase again.
Take us out of the world, Wash... Got us some crime to it is in done.
See, this is an additional sign of her tragic an are dementia, every paranoid and also crotchety.
Well, they tell ya, "Never struggle a man with a closeup of the door fist." yet it is, ~ above occasion, hilarious. Drunks space so cute.
Shouldn"t friend be off bringing religiosity come the fuzzy-wuzzys or part such?
If I"m your mission, Shepherd, finest give it up. You"re welcome on my boat. God ain"t.
friend risked enough flying in over there once. And also I don"t wanna get slapped about no more.
to be there monkeys? some terrifying an are monkeys maybe obtained loose?
take a couple of loads each, no need to be greedy.
fine now, ain"t this a entirety lotta fuss. I didn"t know better, might think us were dangerous.
May have been the losing side. Tho not convinced it was the not correct one.
It"s a real burden being right so often.
S H i N D i G
My surname is Malcolm Reynolds, i captain a ship named Serenity.
My work"s illegal, yet at least it"s honest.
You think following the rules will buy girlfriend a pretty life, also if the rules make you a slave.
And ns never back down indigenous a fight. Yeah, okay. But I"m not backing under from this one.
In the instance it comes up, that means he"s the fella killed me. And also I don"t prefer fellas that eliminated me. No in general.
See just how I"m no punching him? i think I"ve grown.
Sure, it would be humiliating. Having actually to lie over there while the much better man refuses to spill her blood.
Mercy is the mark of a an excellent man. guess I"m just a great man. Well, I"m every right.
See, morbid and also creepifying, I got no difficulty with, lengthy as she does that quiet-like.
It never ever goes smooth. How come it never goes smooth?
That"s good. You lie there and be ironical.
Well, friend were liven trying to gain yourself lit on fire. That happens.
Chow"s in ten. No need to dress.
Ain"t we just.
O U R M R S R E Y N O together D S
How can you shame me in front of new people?
If your hand touch metal, ns swear by mine pretty floral bonnet i will end you.
You can"t open up the book of mine life and also jump in the middle. Favor woman, i am a mystery.
To wubba who?
How drunk was i last night?
And don"t you ever before stand because that that type of thing. If someone tries to death you, you try to death "em appropriate back!
You gained the right, very same as anyone, to live and try to kill people.
Oh, I long for a little dullness. Fact to say, this entirety trip is gaining to be just a tiny too interesting.
More 보다 70 Earths spinnin" about the galaxy and also the meek have inherited no a one.
Do friend ever, um, wash your client"s feet?
Are friend tetchy "cause I obtained myself a bride or "cause ns don"t plan to keep her?
Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.
Oh, I"m gonna go to the unique Hell.
But she was naked, and also all articulate...
Honey... I"m home!
It"s the an initial time, darlin". Ns think you have to be gentle v me.
You also think around playing me again I will riddle you v holes.
i got civilization with me, civilization who trust each other, who execute for each other and also ain"t constantly looking for the advantage. There"s good people in the "verse. Not many, mr knows, yet you only require a few.
ns knew you let her kiss you!
Every man ever before got a statue made of him was one kinda sumbitch or another. The ain"t about you. It"s around what castle need.
K, I require that in captain fake talk.
there ain"t no new one. Girlfriend gotta make do with what girlfriend got.
Everybody die alone.
Point that interest, offering to shoot us could not occupational so well together an inspiration as you may well imagine.
zzzzzzzzzzz... Beep.
A R i E L
Once, just once, ns want points to go according come the gorram plan!
You revolve on everyone in mine crew, you revolve on me.
Next time you decide to stab me in the back, have the organs to execute it to mine face.
W A R S T O R i E S
Don"t worry, I"m not gonna start any type of sword fights. I"m over that phase.
Ah, the pitter patter of small feet in vast combat boots... Closeup of the door UP!!
One of friend is going come fall and also die, and I"m not cleaning that up.
Okay...I"m confused, I"m angry, and also I"m armed.
We"ve just gained to keep our heads!
Shipboard romances complicated things. For everyone.
You desire to fulfill the real me now?
Haven"t you killed me sufficient for one day?
I understand it"s a an overwhelming mission, but you and I have to acquire it on.
This is mine scrap of nowhere. You walk on and find your own.
Can"t miss a location you"ve never been.
It ain"t a hand of cards. It"s called a life.
We acquired work come do, let"s closeup of the door up and do it.
Good day.
They don"t like it when you shoot in ~ them. I operated that the end myself.
Someone"s delivering a bullet for you best now, doesn"t also know it.
The trick is dying of old age before it finds you.
H E A R T O F G O l D
no altogether wise, sneakin" increase on a fella once he"s handling his weapon.
This distress call wouldn"t be ensuing in someone"s pants, would certainly it?
If I"m gonna hit a man, it help to dimension him up.
Nothing worse than a monster that thinks he"s best with God.
Well, lady I must"re my kinda stupid.
Some men could take advantage of that.
Sly? No. Ns lean in the direction of womenfolk. Just one thing at a time. Never like complications.
Am i getting any type of prettier?
I"m simply waiting to watch if i pass out... Long story.
We got no shortage of ugly ridin" in top top us, however that don"t change the plan.
I"m just feeling sort of truthsome best now. Life is as well damn quick for ifs and also maybes.
S E R E N i T Y ( M O V i E )
This is the Captain. We have actually a small problem with our entrance sequence, therefore we might experience part slight turbulence and then... Explode.
I look the end for me and mine.
So here"s us, on the raggedy edge. Don"t push me... And I won"t press you.
This is what i do, darlin" ... This is what i do.
If anything wake up to her, i swear to you, I will certainly get an extremely choked up. Honestly, there could be tears.
Faster, faster... Quicker would be better!
War"s long done. We"re all just people now.
I have actually a way? Is that much better n" a plan?
I ain"t lookin" for aid from on-high. That"s a long wait because that a train don"t come.
Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and also a plastic rocket --
Yes, I"ve read a poem, shot not to faint.
I begin fighting a war, ns guarantee you"ll watch something new.
I obtained no rudder. Wind blows northerly, ns go north. That"s who I am.
I staked my crew"s life top top the concept you"re a person, actual and whole. And if I"m wrong, you"d ideal shoot me now. OR, we could... Speak more.
Half that writing history is hiding the truth.
This is how it is. Anyone that doesn"t want to fly v me anymore? This is your port that harbor.
There"s a the majority of fine methods to die. Ns ain"t waitin" for the Alliance to choose mine.
No an ext running. I aim to misbehave.
You can learn all the mathematics in the "verse, but if you take it a boat in the air friend don"t love... She"ll shake girlfriend off simply as certain as the transforming of worlds.
Love keeps she in the air when she oughta loss down.

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We"ll pass with it quickly enough.
( C A S T together E )
Didn"t you wear the like five years ago?