Hey Hey Heroes, Travelers, and also Wandering NPCs, I’m getting ago into the swing of things by going back and working through all of the video game review requests I got while ns was top top hiatus. Very first up is a rather surreal and surprisingly deep short psychological thriller visual novel from Angela the (Zephyo). This is a video game unlike anything ns have ever played before, with it’s dream-like visuals and also stream the consciousness favor storytelling, Angela that paints a fairly startling picture of the emotional toll addiction and depression have the right to have on one’s life, through the lens of a toxic more-than-one-night was standing relationship.

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“You’d said me,Hey, this is a one-time thing, and I said yeah, of course –Yet here we are.”

..who, exactly, am i waking up following to?

A romance around a more-than-one-night stand;A emotional thriller around toxic addiction.

–Synopsis (Game Site)

I woke Up beside You Again is a salary what you want computer game obtainable for Windows, Mac, and also Linux end on itch.io. It’s a rather brief game, through playthroughs lasting anywhere in between 15 – 30 minutes, depending on your reading speed.



I will admit that at the start I was more than a small confused, after picking the gender of the separation, personal, instance you wake up following to, the video game just sort of access time the soil running, dropping you into an surprisingly casual morning after ~ encounter with an unnamed bed mate. The quick opening narration merely states that you recently moved to a new town and “found someone”. Who this human is and also how you became in bed through with them doesn’t matter, but the dark hazy black and white visuals and also eerie recurring background music indicate that this is not a typical interaction in between mutual acquaintances. Even the dialogue between the player and the unnamed bed friend isn’t all the normal, there’s a poetic sort of cadence come it that sort of operation a small too normally to be normal, as if this is miscellaneous that has been practiced and also reiterated over and also over again, however with a quickness to it that argues the two personalities are simply going through the movements of a prearranged song and also dance in order to gain to a much an ext anticipated outcome.

But, there is an overarching sense of foreboding, that builds top top itself as the player navigates their way through a series of seemingly innocent choices. Your choices determine not just the course of the story, yet the mental state that the nameless protagonist together they navigate what at very first glance appears to it is in little an ext than a casual sexual connection with a stranger. There are little hints scattered transparent the story the tease the game’s can be fried purpose, but, unless you achieve all of the endings, the large picture will certainly remain just out of reach. Will you pick to pursue a relationship with her tantalizingly seductive bed mate? Is this relationship really because that the best? Or should you prevent things before things go too far?

There room two story paths (male “lover” or female “lover”) and a full of 4 endings, each course is tantamount from the various other save the sex pronouns offered to describe your bed mate. So selecting a sex at the beginning is wholly a matter of preference and has no real result on the outcomes the the game and also with the game’s rather quick runtime, that’s not all that unexpected. At first, that seems basic enough, placate the bed mate, seek them and also strike up a partnership with them. But, in doing for this reason the player’s own well gift seemingly deteriorates, and also the player is left with a startling and also rather disturbing realizations around your character and also the nature of their “relationship”. When the relationship is at the forefront of the game, I wake up Up alongside You Again, makes it abundantly clear the romance is no the goal of the game, with each the the relationship positive options leading come a an adverse mental outcome because that the player. This is a game around the toxicity the codependency and also the addictive nature of empty relationships. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, and deeply unstable at times together you clock the player give themselves end to their need for your bed mate, as their desires give method to addiction and also eventually depression as the futility the the relationship is revealed.

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Visually, I wake up Up next to You Again is a very artistic and atmospheric game, the felt much more like a visual art exhibition item than a game, with it’s dark, layered backgrounds and also haunting critical soundtrack. But, what really stood the end about IWUNTYA is that it is constantly moving, it is in it the conversation text, the activities of clouds in the background, the minor animation of the onscreen characters (blinking mostly) or the pulsing geometric shaped dialogue boxes, every scene has actually some facet that is continuous in motion. There are additionally some rather distinctive visual cues that assist the player gauge the psychological state of your character, while also conveying the overall ethereal dream-like facade that the game and also its narrative.

I wake up Up beside You Again takes the rather quick runtime and offers a unique contemplative intuitive novel experience, the will reason players come seriously take into consideration the nature of our relationships v one another. Players will lose themselves in the dream-like atmosphere and also visuals, fall deeper into the addictively toxicity liaison in between the player’s character and also the unknown individual they discover themselves waking up beside again and also again and also again…

But, don’t simply take my word because that it! inspect out the video game over on itch.io or take a gander at the game’s trailer below! If you like what friend see, play the game, fight the like button, share, or comment! as always, give thanks to You for Reading!!