“Truce” serves together a beautiful finishing to twenty one pilots 2nd album Vessel, becoming the culmination that its whole narrative. It serves as a hopeful message to its listeners… read More 

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Now the night is coming to an end, oohThe sunlight will rise and also we will try again, oohStay alive, continue to be alive because that meYou will certainly die, however now her life is freeTake proud in what is certain to dieI will are afraid the night again, oohI hope I'm not my only friend, oohStay alive, stay alive for meYou will die, yet now your life is freeTake pride in what is sure to die
“Truce” serves as a beautiful finishing to twenty one pilots second album Vessel, ending up being the culmination that its whole narrative. It serves as a confident message to its listener by encouraging them that life go on–the curing process for the troubles we challenge will involve killing components of our mind, and also we have to be rigorous, but Tyler ensures united state that we will certainly make the through.

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Tyler has spoken about this tune being a tribute to those the which that dig into the album and also really analysis the whole thing. That knew when he wrote it that all of the lyrics would come normally to the listener, given that castle had followed the album’s stare up till that point.

I think of taking that inevitable fact that we’re going to die and also realizing I have actually a body, I have actually a life, I have a voice, its kind of a vessel the really type of hold something. A vessel i think of maybe a ship or a container. And also the vessels no that important, my body’s no that important, my voice isn’t the important, the songs aren’t that important, mine life isn’t really that important, but the necessary thing is those inside that vessel. Right now I have.. I have a message..

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I have something come say, what i’m saying is the crucial thing within of that vessel and I believed it would be cool to name an album vessel due to the fact that even inside the packaging, behind the cover… yes sir a message. And thanks for listening to that message and I hope the it in some method inspires you and encourages due to the fact that if that does then whatever will have been precious it for me.