The T-shirt represents among the most crucial music producer in AOMG - Cha Cha Malone. Known additionally as Chase Vincent Malone the composer originates from Seattle, unified States. That is likewise a singer, songwriter and also a member the a B-boy group Art of Movement. His teamwork with Jay Park started in 2010 as soon as their duet Speechless and also the solo song of Park Bestie showed up online. Malone ongoing to create the music because that Jay including Abandoned native the very first mini album Take a depths Look, Turn Off her Phone, Go and Come ~ above Over indigenous the very first full album New Breed, Do What us Do indigenous the mixtape Fresh A!r: breath !t, Joah from the digital solitary of the same name, Hot indigenous the expanded play I choose 2 Party, GGG from the album Evolution, nearly all tracks from the album Everything friend Wanted including Aquaman and Me choose Yuh and also other hit song of Jay Park choose Joah, Solo and also Yacht.

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Malone is also known native his contribution to various other artists. He composed U-KISS"s 4U (For You) native the EP DoraDora, B1A4"s One Love, NU"EST"s Good bye Bye from the mini album Re:birth, Red Velvet"s Stupid Cupid indigenous their an initial extended beat Ice Cream Cake, Loona"s Twilight native the Kim Lip solitary and In2it"s Cadillac from the Carpe Diem EP.


The black T-shirt comes in 2 variants. On prior of the first one us can notification the phrase "I need a cha cha to win boy" featured in numerous AOMG songs the artist created. On the various other we will uncover a name of the AOMG record label created in distinct charts. Both T-shirts have actually the surname of the brand on the ago with indigenous "Follow The Movement" in ~ the bottom. Friend can get the T-shirt in five various sizes: S, M, L, XL and also XXL.

AOMG is a label established in 2013 by Jay Park which source from the Art that Movement group. The houses plenty of KPop artists including a producer and singer Gray, a previous member the a duo Supreme Team (anongside E-Sens) i m sorry disbanded in 2013, a singer-songwriter Hoody, the winner that the an initial season of Show Me the Money - the rap competition television present that aired on Mnet in 2012, Ugly Duck and Code Kunst.

This is a pan made product so that is not official however it is do of a high quality material. It is created of 100% cotton. Girlfriend can acquire a piece for girlfriend or because that someone who likes Jay Park indigenous a seller ~ above Ebay. It expenses only $14.99.

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If you favor the initial T-shirts native Jay Park girlfriend can shot your luck and look for them on various e-commerce website online. Over there were 3 pieces exit as part of the was of AOMG follow The motion 2016 Tour. The attendees might purchase 2 of them and also the 3rd was obtainable only for the VIP ticket holders. One more two - short sleeve (black or white) and long sleeve (red or black) you might find in AOMG monitor The motion 2017 items selection. At the every one of Me concert the Jay Park in 2018 there was a T-shirt through the surname of the vocalist in white or black color accessible for the fans. And also finally at the concert in Seoul of Sexy 4Eva civilization Tour the fans had actually a opportunity to get 4 different species of T-shirt v a an intricate designs.