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(Jamie foxx)I love her reason she obtained he ownShe don"t need mine, she say leaving mine aloneThere aint nothing that"s much more s***, then a girlThat want yet don"t need me...Young independent, yea she work-related hardBut you can"t phone call by the method that she walkShe don"t slow-moving down, cause she aint obtained timeTo be complaining, shawty gon shineShe don"t suppose nothing from no guyShe theatre agressive, however she tho shyBut you never recognize her softer side,By feather in she eyesKnowing she deserve to do for herselfMakes me wanna provide her mine wealthOnly kinda girl ns want,Independent queen,Workin for her throneI love her cause she got her own(Whooooooooowhoooooo)She acquired her ownnnnnnI love her cause she obtained her own(Whoooowhooowhoooo)She obtained her ownnnnnn(I love it when she say)It"s cool I acquired it, I gained it, I gained it(I love it once she say)its cool I acquired it, I obtained it, I obtained it