Love that line, really touching, but I’m not fairly sure that it yes, really means. Earlier in the film, Terminator asks man why human beings cry, and also he can’t yes, really seem to procedure it.

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John tells him, ”It's once there's nothing wrong with you but you hurt anyways.” Terminator tho doesn’t recognize it, but I’m certain he conserved John’s explanation in a “Bank” somehow. (“A finding out computer”)

Then, in ~ the finish of the movie, as soon as John is pleading because that him to stay, Terminator speak him the knows currently why people cry.

Is this inferring the Terminator is acknowledging the “nothing‘s wrong with him, but he‘s hurting anyways”?

Open for fan‘s takes……


this scene has actually a very particular purpose in the movie. It's intended to highlight that the machines are qualified of learning, and also understanding human emotion.

earlier in the movie John claims the line around nothing gift wrong and also you hurt anyway. Later on in the movie is a scene reflecting them flipping the move on the T-800's CPU, from Read-only setting to a learning mode.

over the course of the movie the Terminator learns, and this line at the finish is intended to present how lot he's learned. In this case that that knows and also understands why john is crying.

it's supposed to illustrate that the equipments are qualified of learning, and also understanding human being emotion


I refer earlier to the desert scene, when Terminator asks man why human being cry, john tries to explain it, and also Terminator provides him a pretty blunt "No" in return.

Then at the end of the film, the understands it. It's a nice tiny loop

So seeing john upset at his departure, seeing actual emotion, as taught the what the didn't know earlier; Why people cry.

Got it. I always vaguely inferred it as, the Terminator speak he desire he can cry somehow, "but it's something he can never do", yet this explanation makes an ext sense.

I think it's acknowledging the it's fond of John, as much as a machine can be. That it understands emotion, the bond that something, and also how it to be here and also now will certainly no longer be here. The understands it's own existence and how it will certainly not exist and also why that would be sad and also why a human being would cry.

I view it together it acknowledging to john that it currently gets it and also if the could, it would cry too because it will miss John. It took pleasure in learning and also the experience. It valued it's time through this person and also values the overall sanctity the human-life (a have fun of it's very own existence and also how that is worth cherishing past itself).

What is exciting to me is the the Terminator (Uncle Bob) has seen every the main characters cry: John, buy it (when she tries to kill Miles), miles himself and his wife. There were numerous instances whereby the terminator had the ability to associate crying with pain and also fear yet John crying because that him in ~ the end was the an initial time anyone really directed actual empathy toward him. The terminator understands physics pain and suffering, hence his presumption that is what causes crying. When Uncle Bob was around to sacrifice himself he experienced John cry, not due to the fact that of physical pain but since he was going to shed someone he care about.

In other words, the terminator have the right to be a killing an equipment and reason people to cry in pain and fear. It has never obtained love, never ever knows what it is come be necessary to someone. It has actually never feeling what that is to be irreplaceable. John readjusted that (along v flipping that swtich). Much more importantly, the terminator was saying the while that understands this emotions the can’t ever before actually feeling them.

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There was a really great line the was taken the end of this component of the film. Sarah is around to lower Uncle Bob into the molten steel and also she asks if the is afraid and also he says yes. I suppose that sort of disputes with the reason he can never cry. If he can’t really in reality feel it climate he most likely can’t actually really feeling afraid. However I like the assumed of Uncle Bob gift afraid of death because that mattered, like possibly his fear was about not being able to defend John anymore. I know my fear of death has far much more to do with no being about for my son than anything else.