In situation you let go it, there's a brand-new George Carlin "album" out. Basically, the backstory is this: back in 2001, Carlin was functioning on an album dubbed I Kinda favor It when A Lotta human being Die.

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The product on this album was tape-recorded on Sept. 10th, 2001. He also makes a joke around an airplane getting blown up and Osama bin Laden gaining blamed because that it.

The following day, of course 9/11 happened and the people changed.

So the album Carlin was working on obtained changed. The album location was readjusted (to Complaints & Grievances) and some the the material got put next (the airplane bit, the huge ending bit about a global disaster, etc.).

Well now, 15 year later, they lastly put out that unreleased material. The album is short (only 10 tracks and also only 6 of them room from the Sept. 10, 2001 show) yet it's good stuff. George Carlin is my favourite comedian that all-time and legitimately my an individual hero, so.....figured I'd evaluation it, because that anyone that might care or desire to buy it.

1. Boston Rant 1957 - this is in reality a personal recording Carlin made at home ago in 1957. The sounds way younger, obviously. However it's basically George sit in his life room, talking into a microphone for over 5 minutes about police and firefighters (mostly police). I'm pretty certain it's included because, even though the was tape-recorded 60 year ago, it feels super timely today given the dispute over police in America. However if you know Carlin, he was not a fan of the cops and also he makes it pretty clear here.

2. Rats & Squealers - now we're into the Sept. 10th show. This is another piece around cops and mostly about people who talk come them. TL;DR - George doesn't choose cops, the government, or snitches. Hilarious ingredient here and also best I can tell, all new. It's the an initial time I've heard the anywhere.

3. Cocaine - simply a 30 second track, a quick little joke around cocaine. Naught of note.

4. The Fecal Differential - this is the track that he makes jokes around bin Laden blowing up an airplane. The day prior to 9/11. Talk about timely. Anyway, many of this is new, never-heard material, however the fart jokes indigenous Complaints & Grievances space in here in their initial form. But the remainder of it is all new.

5. Tired of Songs - this is the very first time this bit has actually been released but I actually observed Carlin live in 2005 and he walk this bit there so ns knew that sounded familiar when I first heard it. Yet it never ever made any albums, as much as i know.

6. The first Enema - funny bit about the an initial enema. How somebody must have actually been the very first person come think of the idea of doing an enema and also how it played out. Funny stuff, totally brand new.

7. Uncle Dave - so this little is kinda famous. Carlin just defines this ever-worsening disaster whereby millions of civilization die in dreadful ways. It to be initially claimed to be released in 2001 however this was among the big pieces of material that gained shelved ~ 9/11. So then it to be going to come the end again in 2005 yet Hurricane Katrina happened, therefore it acquired shelved again. Finally, he placed it out in 2006. It's the final track ~ above Life Is worth Losing (on there, it's called "Coast-To-Coast Emergency"). However this is the original version, tape-recorded Sept. 10, 2001 and I favor this version far better I think. Yet it's mainly the same material as the 2006 bit.

8. Jerry Hamza Interview - fast interview v Carlin's former manager and best friend, that talks about how this product was an alleged to come out in 2001 and how 9/11 readjusted that.

9. Rocco Urbisci Interview - an additional Carlin friend and also producer, talking around Carlin's procedure of how he worked.

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All in all, if you're a Carlin fanatic choose myself, this is a cool little album. If you're a completist and also want to have every one of his material, this one has actually a few great, unreleased gems on it. Yet don't enter it expecting an hour of brand-new material or anything. This one's because that the hardcore fans.