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I hope you find somebody more toxicAnd y'all go through means more debates than us didY’all walk through method more arguments than neededYou much better give that the very same fuckin' treatmentI understand it's just the intro and also this shit obtain deep, butI’ve gained my reasonsI placed my work-related in, it wasn't worth itMy stresses turn you come the person for someone elseI made you worth it for someone elseI endured every one of your flaws 'til I broke through all the wall surfaces of your guardNow you're perfect for somebody elseI'm ‘bout to contact her, bruh, ns ain't gon' lieI recognize she's somewhere v a great guy, noShe’s out with a guy who push a nice pennyHer friend just let me know, she claimed he gets more paper than me, yeah (Damn)There goes mine egoThis shit is weak thoughMy love is cold, this shit is brickMy shit is Shaq at the free-throwTryna obtain you ago with all these cheap hoesAnd you don’t even peep thoughI allow you take 'til there was nothing left the meI seen it all ’til there to be nothing left come seeI know she would leave me, what you informing me?‘Cause when it's said and also done, every I got is this melodiesYou wasn't there when I was marketing CDsJuggin' in ~ the TD, i was make CiCi’sMoney comin' out, I'm watchin' that in 3DYou told me I'd be nothing, now I'm ~ above the TVFast forward, pair years later, check out me, yeahCome and also see me, yeahCome and also see me, bitchCar futuristic, shit, it come with three seatsTook the last feedback, the don't come v TVsI quit wearin' Chrome Hearts and also AMIRI jeansGettin' too much money and it's bustin' the end the seamsShawty, don't act like I didn't meet you on the sceneI just slept ~ above you since you began sellin' dreamsOh mine God, i don't also know, I'm so ashamed best now
She been fuckin' wealthy niggas due to the fact that nineteen (Since nineteen)No money inside her bags, simply drugs and Maybelline (Maybelline)Seems choose money's got you doing anythingAnything, anythingServin' looks, you deaded me all for the finer thingsFuck me great and climate you tellin' me every kinda thingsIt's choose money's got you law different form of thingsHonestly, choose I don't know why ns did that, however I did, yeahGirl, i heard you fucked that nigga in some shit ns bought youIt damages to recognize that that's some different shit i taught youYou left me because that someone the was icyWith all the ice, don't friend forget you gottaCome and also see me, come and see me, yeahCome and also see me, come and also see me, yeahIf it's on the ‘Gram, ~ above the TV, yeahGonna check out me, gonna watch me, yeahCome and also see me, come and see me, yeahCome and see me, come and see me, yeahIf it's on the ‘Gram, on the TV, yeahGonna check out me, gonna check out me, yeah
What it's hittin' for? I'm toxic, you understand it (You know it)Even your friends say I'm no shit, and also you understand it (You know it)She hops in mine double-R, she'd rather cry tears in the starsAnd she knows them other guys in the double-R ain't like usThey ain't act it like usMovie is playin' and they ain't queuing it choose usMaybe I'm toxic, possibly I'm no shitYou went and found yourself one more optionLiquor, I'm gon' sipSip till I acquire depressed in this bitchThen I'ma call you best up on the flipFifty factors why her nigga ain't shitFuck them niggas if I'm not at the topI walk crazy, I'ma make this shit hotDM her nigga and blow up your spotFuck up the partnership that you've gotFucked that up and also now I'm calling girlfriend mineThere's no real intention the making you mineI just don't wanna check out you through no one elseLike I'm the only one permitted to relocate on(I called you)I'm a fuckboy for sayin' the shit, girl, I understand itI don't worthy you for playin' that prefer that, I know it (I know it)But through these toxicity eyes, I see potentialTook benefit of the fact you gotta

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Come and see me, come and also see me, yeahCome and also see me, come and see me, yeahIf it's top top the ‘Gram, on the TV, yeahGonna check out me, gonna see me, yeahCome and also see me, come and also see me, yeahCome and see me, come and also see me, yeahIf it's on the ‘Gram, top top the TV, yeahGonna watch me, gonna see meWant me come call, don't you? Don't you?Every time that i sing, every time that i singYou-ooh-ooh-ooh-oohYou-ooh-ooh-oohEvery time the I view you, every time the I see youWhy don't friend return my calls?You expedition 'bout, whereby I beBut girlfriend don't come and see meNo, friend don't come and also see me