The song is around front guy Anthony Kiedis and also the period in his life once he walked approximately Los Angeles sad and an extremely alone, recognize solace in the streets and hills and the… review More 
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Sometimes i feel like I don't have actually a partnerSometimes ns feel like my only friendIs the city i live in, The City that AngelsLonely together I am together we cryI drive on her highways 'cause she's my companionI walk through her hills 'cause she knows who I amShe watch my an excellent deeds and also she kisses me windyWell, I never ever worry, currently that is a lieI don't ever wanna feel favor I did the dayBut take me come the ar I love, take me all the wayI don't ever wanna feel choose I did the dayBut take me come the location I love take it me all the wayYeah, yes yeahIt's difficult to believe that there's nobody out thereIt's difficult to think that I'm all aloneAt least I have her love the city, she loves meLonely as I am with each other we cry
I don't ever before wanna feel prefer I did that dayBut take it me come the location I love take it me all the wayI don't ever wanna feel choose I did that dayBut take me to the ar I love take it me all the wayYeah, yes yeahOh, no, no, no, yeah yeahLove me, ns say, yes yeahOne time(Under the leg downtown)Is where I drew some blood(Under the bridge downtown)I might not acquire enough(Under the leg downtown)Forgot around my love(Under the bridge downtown)I gave my life away, yeahYeah yeahOh, no, no no no, yeah yeahOh no, I said oh, yes yeahHere ns stay
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The song is about front man Anthony Kiedis and also the duration in his life once he walked around Los Angeles sad and very alone, detect solace in the streets and hills and also the wind…. Thinking about his dead friend and also Red warm Chili Peppers guitarist Hillel Slovak, and also the heroin overdose that claimed him. They both had smack habits and also used to score – and sometimes shoot increase – “under a traffic bridge” in a seedy component of the city.

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Originally a poem by Anthony Kiedis, this was written during a time once Anthony felt the his sobriety to be distancing him from the rest of the band. He arrived at rehearsal during one the his sober periods and found Flea and John cigarette smoking pot. Once John very first joined the band, he and Anthony were inseparable, however in this period, that knew lock weren’t even really friend anymore. He composed these lyrics together a city while driving house from rehearsal ~ above LA’s 101 freeway.

This leader to the themes of isolation, and also made him feel together if Los Angeles to be his just friend he could trust.

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This song almost never happened, Kiedis to be reluctant to express what that felt and didn’t feeling it would certainly fit the band’s style. However Rick Rubin found it together with the remainder of Kiedis’s poetry and demanded the he do it into a song. The peaked at number 2 on the Billboard charts, and helped send the Chili Peppers into the mainstream.