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I"m having a (fairly) civil argument with my team leader in ~ work and also we can"t agree. The various other party makes two or 3 blaming declaration which i feel room untrue, however then automatically says "I don"t want to argue anymore".

I called Alice to tell girlfriend to carry out X, for this reason why did you carry out Y? Anyway, ns don"t want to argue anymore.

I feeling this is passive-aggressive. Have to I to speak "I don"t desire to argue either, but I require to resolve your critical statements?" If I just agree to no argue, the feels like I"m tacitly agreeing through their statements and also accepting your blame.

Or have to I simply say "I disagree with what girlfriend said and I don"t desire to controversy either"? carry out I have the ideal of reply and also what"s the best method of responding there is no dragging out/restarting the argument?

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might you elaborate and include some an ext details? What to be the conversation about? was this v a friend, family, an acquaintance, etc.? What is your goal or objectives in this conversation: space you do the efforts to win the argument, maintain the relationship, etc.? Where space you located--juniorg8.com an abilities are culturally specific.
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This is the same with acquaintances, friends, near friends, and also relatives.


When someone wish no to argue anymore, you re welcome respect it.

You may provide one critical statement, yet do that without inciting much more arguments.

Okay, however I quiet think Spiderman is the strongest.

Okay, but I still think I"m not wrong for doing Y.

Stopping the debate is no the same together agreeing/giving in to her opponent"s argument.

By stopping the argument there, friend are saving your partnership with the person and also preventing it transforms into an individual conflict, particularly not in workplace and with her team leader. No one wants yelling and swearing in one argument.

Since this happens in a workplace, email your team leader the details why friend think you are not wrong. Email has actually neutral tone, and also you can make certain your points are delivered first before her team leader responds. Hopefully he/she deserve to respond v clear head.

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Bonus: utilizing email will develop a history of her exchange of arguments, i beg your pardon later have the right to be a leverage once your activity is wondered about by your manager.