Type O Negative’s master guitarist Kenny Hickey offers us the lowdown on your 2003 hit, ns Don’t Wanna be Me


In 2003, goth steel icons type O an adverse released i Don’t Wanna be Me from their penultimate album, Life Is death Me. Four years gotten rid of from their previous full-length people Coming Down, i Don"t Wanna it is in Me garnered a brand-new audience for form O in the new millennium, and also is still amongst their most-played monitor on streaming services.

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Here, guitarist Kenny Hickey take away us v the whole journey that the track – indigenous its lyrical contents to the record process. Add to the fairly sad definition behind the tune title...

“At the time, Peter (Steele, vocals, bass) wasn’t yes, really doing as well well, health-wise. The was acquiring sick the addictions and also sick the life, therefore the title, ns Don’t Wanna it is in Me. He no wanna be Pete anymore. I think, also, that was getting sick over being a rockstar – walking on the road, doing interviews, having to create music. I think he to be getting worn down of what had actually been going on for a decade to us. It is what the lyrics space talking about, "I don’t wanna be, i don’t wanna it is in me"; he no wanna be Pete.

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“We really rarely, or never, produced music about lyrics – that was always the music first. I remember us were just jamming in the rehearsal studio because that hours, play a many dirgey stuff, and also then Peter simply started play this punk riff. We all join in and I remember the going in, make the efforts to compose a straightforward song, because I remember gaining frustrated through him. Just saying, "Hey Peter, you a brilliant writer, yet you can’t write simple songs, everything you create is simply so damn complicated," but one that his efforts of writing a simple straight-forward song was a straight-forward punk influenced song, and also it came out really good, actually! So, i guess he verified me not correct – he can write simple songs! most of his songs were 5 or six various movements; changing tempo, transforming time signatures, changing keys, an altering modes, climate it’s constantly very facility when we perform music together.

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“The video clip was composed by me, actually! you know, details people, they want to it is in anyone else – any type of star in the world, noþeles else except themselves – i beg your pardon went together with the design template of i Don’t Wanna it is in Me. The was sort of making funny of anyone who was obsessed with these Hollywood personalities, obsessed v being or glow over any other personality other than themselves, and it’s yes, really all around self-avoidance. I was simply trying to occupational on that joke. The very very first scene in the video is in reality my mother’s house in Brooklyn. Ns was going for this ("70s sitcom) every In The household kind that thing, yet I think the manager was too young come remember the original comedy series.

“Dan Fogler to be the comedic actor the did every one of the parts and also played all of the characters. In ~ the time, i remember us auditioned upwards of seven to ten various comedians for the role, due to the fact that we realised the the entire video clip would drive on the power of this one actor. If he to be terrible, the video clip would tank too. So, we required to find the best guy, and also I remember auditioning about ten guys, simply sitting over there in the director’s office. One after the various other came in and also none of them were really too good. I think the director knew that we wanted, so we check out this guy, Dan Fogler, we saved him because that last and he simply blew united state away – he was hilarious. We were simply like, "That’s the guy, acquire him!", and also he was great, he included some taste and flavour to it. He no need any direction, he had actually a style every one of his own. And also he finished up becoming a big star! three years later, there was this movie, Balls that Fury, and I look up on the screen and also it’s him! So, ns don’t want to sit here and say the the i Don’t Wanna be Me video clip grew his job or anything, yet I think at the time, he was up and also coming. To us, he wasn’t well-known at all once we hired him due to the fact that we hired him for cheap! If the had expense too much money, us wouldn’t have actually been maybe to rental him. Then two years later he came to be a comedian, went to Hollywood; thought it to be so cool. He to be great, though he got a little stand-offish once I made the dress choose Marilyn Monroe, come cross-dress and stuff. I wanted him to do something a small provocative and also he gained a little pissed turn off at me. Yet he to be great, and he walk on to be a huge star.

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“I’m shocked the it’s the Number One song on our Spotify page! I never thought it at the time. I constantly felt that Life Is killing Me was no the strongest type O an adverse record, it’s probably the weakest. There’s two good songs in the album, Anesthesia and I nothing Wanna it is in Me. Obviously, the brand is always gonna choose the shortest, quickest melody song for the an initial single, it is why it to be picked. I like the song, I’ve constantly loved the song, however I never would have figured i would watch it together the Number One provided song ~ above Spotify. It didn’t exist ago then, but I might have never foreseen that! Trivium go a sheathe of it, therefore that’s more than likely the reason why, it to be reintroduced through Trivium.”