I doesn"t seem logical to say "I don"t speak Russian" as soon as you do it making use of that language. However, this is a an extremely useful phrase, since you"re explaining in easy words the you can"t understand every little thing they"re telling you. We"re going to discover phrases that will help you recognize better: we"ll see just how to ask who to repeat what they"ve simply said, come speak more slowly, to create down what they"ve said,...

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component 1: Video

summary of this topic through images and also sound:

Watch the most important words and also phrases of this object below.

part 2: Audio and explanations

Listen come the audio, review the explanations and get prepared to learn real Russian.


We"re walking to see the name of different languages (Russian, English, Spanish, French,...). Listed below we"ll find various structures the will assist you say what language you speak and ask what language someone rather speaks:

Я говорю́... по-ру́сски / по-англи́йски / по-испа́нски. Ya ga-va-ryú... Pa-rús-ki / pa-an-glíjs-ki / pa-is-páns-ki ns speak... Russian / English / Spanish.

Я не говорю́... по-францу́зски / по-неме́цки / по-кита́йски. Ya nye ga-va-ryú... Pa-fran-tsús-ki / pa-nye-myéts-ki / pa-ki-tájs-ki i don"t speak... French / German / Chinese.


Try come memorize the adhering to sentences. They"ll assist you express and ask around something important: execute you understand what they"ve said you? execute they understand what you"ve told them? This will certainly avoid numerous misunderstandings:


Now we"re going to see phrases that we"ll usage to learn new words in Russian. Listen very closely to the recordings, due to the fact that thanks to this you"ll likewise be able come teach a Russian speaker how to say things in her language:

Я не зна́ю, как э́то по-ру́сски. Ya nye zná-yu, kak é-ta pa-rús-ki ns don"t know exactly how to say it/this in Russian.


Below you"ll discover some extra assist for her conversations. V these basic phrases you"ll let everyone view that your Russian isn"t the finest in the world. Yet this isn"t the end of the civilization either: v a tiny bit that patience you"ll recognize everything:

Говори́те ме́дленнее, пожа́луйста. Ga-va-rí-tye myéd-lye-nye-ye, pa-zhá-lus-ta can you speak an ext slowly, please?

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We"re walking to see the very same phrases however in not blocked speech. In Russian (like in plenty of other languages) there room two ways of addressing someone: informally (to use only with friends) and also formally (to use in any other case). Your usual sense will certainly tell you once it"s best to use one kind or the other:

Говори́ ме́дленнее, пожа́луйста. Ga-va-rí myéd-lye-nye-ye, pa-zhá-lus-ta deserve to you speak more slowly, please?