Welcome come level 7. More an excellent news here for two reasons. One reason is that in this level you"re going come unlock around a 4 minutes 1 of the achievements in the game here most likely. The second reason ties right into the first reason. Throughout my playthrough, i unlocked the success Heavy Lifting, i beg your pardon is carry objects because that 100m, and also Traveller, which is take trip 10km. If you got these already, congrats! If friend don"t gain them here, you"ll most likely unlock lock in the second level.

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Now another achievement we can knock turn off the bat. Rotate your camera so you"re facing the water. Walk into the water so her head goes under water and also you"ll begin hearing a slow bubble or popping sound. What you need to do is counting these sounds. Once you acquire to 16, instantly run and jump out of the water together you"ll die when you fight 18 pops. If you carry out this successfully, you"ll unlock:


Now we have the right to move top top the genuine level. Walk towards the rowboat and jump ~ above in. Once I first did this i thought regulating this thing was horrible, however I figured the out. Take the left oar through your left arm and the ideal oar through your right arm. Relocate the ideal stick only and also the boat should turn and face the way you"re facing. So make certain you"re dealing with the rock tunnel in the distance. Currently you need to relocate the right and left sticks right down to lift the oars out of the water and also straight approximately displace the water and also start moving. It is necessary you go straight up and also straight down through both the left and right stick at the exact same time, otherwise you"ll start to chaos up. Use the video walkthrough if you"re struggling. Get in a great rhythm and also row row row your boat all the means to the tanker in the distance. If you have to turn or readjust, stop rowing and move the camera to the direction you desire to go. As soon as you reach the tanker, you"ll unlock:

Row, row, row your watercraft 49(20)
Use the row watercraft to get to the cargo delivery in "Water"
Unlocked by 5,046 tracked gamers (17% - TA proportion = 2.43)29,964
Now hop off her boat, throughout the wood platforms and also onto the tanker. Climb up till you reach the regulate deck so come speak. In here, there will certainly be 2 levers. The following miscellaneous achievement we will be walk for needs us to reverse this tanker right into its dock. Now even after playing around with them because that a little I wasn"t entirely sure which go what, so I"m walking to describe what i did to regulate it. While encountering out the window of the control deck, I thrust the lever on the left every the method forward and left it, then i pulled the bar on the right backwards and also the boat started transforming to the right. Ns let it turn until the front of the boat was lined up in between the red and green buoys. When you"re lined up through this, I thrust the right bar all the method forward and also drove the tanker forward till you could no much longer see the last eco-friendly buoy on the left hand side. Ns then traction the bar on the right back all the method and allow the boat turn until its rear was lined up through the canal in in between the docks. As soon as it to be lined up, I placed the bar on the right ago in its beginning position in the middle and pulled the lever on the left earlier to placed the tanker in reverse. Then ns let go of the left lever and also turned roughly to face the behind of the boat and grabbed the right lever. I watched it ago into the docking area and also made adjustments come the placing with the ideal hand lever. Once it"s in, let that reverse until it can"t go anymore and you"ll unlock:
Reverse gear 55(20)
Enter the dock through the ship backwards in "Water"
Unlocked by 4,036 tracked gamers (13% - TA ratio = 2.72)29,964
If you"re struggling make certain you watch the video walkthrough together it should aid and provide a better idea. You can additionally grind the end an success for travelling 1km v boats. Currently I wouldn"t suggest it simply because you need to play this level again, yet you can examine your progress tracker and also see exactly how close you are. Just drive the tanker forward as far as it have the right to go, climate backwards. Eventually, you"ll unlock:
Sail away! 54(30)
Use any type of of the boats to take trip 1km
Unlocked by 9,388 tracked gamers (31% - TA proportion = 1.78)29,964
Now as soon as you"re docked, you"ll notification to her left (while dealing with the rear of the boat), there is a platform you can jump to from the manage deck. Jump out the home window of the regulate deck and climb up and also over the platform here and also you"ll it is in in the following area. Walk approximately here to the right and also you"ll see 2 platforms over a river. Jump throughout to the an initial one and also then the 2nd one. When you"re top top the second one you"ll an alert there are metal poles to your left. You deserve to actually squeeze v these so perform so. End here, pull open up the red gate and also start cram the boxes right into the water on the left. As soon as these four are done, overcome the communication here and throw the 2 boxes ~ above the other side in together well. Wait until they all protect against moving, then jump come the the next one and also walk (or crawl) your means across castle to get to the following area.
Now i did this next area fine through my first playthrough, but I struggled through it after. You"ll watch a communication in the water chained up. What you must do is jump on this platform and also lift the chain turn off its small nub. This will set the communication in motion. You"ll additionally see a chain suspended above you. You must go come the former of the communication and, when you"re close enough, jump up and also grab ~ above the chain to traction it down. Then you require to quickly hook the chain come the boat to protect against it. Once you"ve excellent this, you"ll notice immediately to her left after the chain is a platform. Run to this and you"ll see an additional boat here, yet with no chain in sight. This is what provides this component annoying. You need to manage this watercraft the same method you regulated the crate cars in earlier levels. I would highly suggest watching the video clip walkthrough because that this, however I"ll carry out my best to define it in text. So jump on come the platform and also walk in the direction of the blue pipe furthest come the right. Take onto that and shot to push the watercraft out that it"s tiny crevasse while likewise trying to straight the boat to the tree blue pipe in front and do the right of you. When it start floating end there, you"ll notice it floats by a communication on her left that has a box sitting over it. If it"s floating by, you require to really quickly jump on this platform and also grab the box. Wait until the floating communication is listed below you, and also jump ~ above it with the box and also drop package on the area wherein the door is. Now comes the tricky part. You must turn the floating platform so it makes a path for you come hop throughout it come the platform v the button on it with the box. You likewise have to make sure it doesn"t float away. So obtain to the really front of the and try turning it until it renders a path and starts floating. Instantly jump and also grab the box, climate hustle with the box over come the other platform and also drop the box on the button, then try and publication it back throughout to the platform v the door on it. If her platform floats away no to worry, the box will stay on the button yet you"ll need to get earlier there again. Head with the door and also into the next area.
Now in the next area you"ll view the skeleton that a ship and a watercraft with one oar. We room absolutely no going to shot and paddle the watercraft with one oar (it to be hard sufficient with 2 imo, yet be my guest if you want to. Instead, we"re going to communication our way across. Jump as much as the left next of the skeleton and parkour your way across the damaged parts of lumber until you obtain to the front of the ship. Below you"ll see two planks sticking out of the ground. Rise up the one the is sticking up pointing come the prior of the ship, and once in ~ the top, jump and also grab the front of the ship. Walk throughout the nose(?) that the ship and also drop down into the following area.
Now right here you"ll watch a metal pole with favor a stub ~ above one end and also a raft in the distance. Take the pole top top the side the doesn"t have the stub as far down as you can. Lift it up and place the finish with the stub in the raft in the street to hook it. When it"s hooked, traction it over, toss the pole, and also hop in and ride it come the following platform. End here, your progression will it is in impeded and also you"ll finish up on a platform v some rocks. Choose up rocks and throw them into the raft, i beg your pardon will reason it to sink. When it sinks sufficient (usually 4-5 rocks), it will take trip under the platform you"re on and also float to the various other side. Once it"s ~ above the various other side, hop in and also start throwing the rocks out to raise it up, and also once it"s high enough, jump as much as the communication on your right. From here, jump towards the chain and use it come swing across to the other platform wherein you"ll find a lever. Push the bar all the way down to lug the cable automobile down. Once it"s under as much to the left together it can go, press the bar to the right and also immediately run and also jump inside the cable car and ride it up to the next area.

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Once increase here, we"re walk to go for two achievements, one of which is technically "missable" due to the fact that if you chaos up, you need to start the level end again. An initial thing"s first, as soon as you"re in ~ the top, surrounding there must be a chain attached come a fence. Attach this to the cable car and also then fight the bar up here to send it back down, opened the fence in prior of you. Currently turn around and also face the lighthouse, as that"s our next destination. Walk previous the orange raft i beg your pardon we"re walking to need in a 2nd SO DON"T TOUCH the or you"ll dislike yourself. Currently you need to very closely traverse down the hill to with the lighthouse. Come ensure girlfriend don"t autumn off, always be stop left and also right triggers. That method if you end up walk to quick you"ll save yourself. When you safely obtain down, walk within the lighthouse and also up the massive staircase inside. When you"re in ~ the top, there will be a lever here. Press it and the light will come on, unlocking:
Beacon 56(20)
Light up the lighthouse in "Water"
Unlocked by 3,766 tracked gamers (13% - TA proportion = 2.82)29,964
Once you"ve obtained the achievement, merely jump right into the water and you"ll drown and respawn by the cable car. Currently we"re walking to walk after among the harder success in the game. Because that this, you must ride the orange mattress under the waterfall without acquiring wet. What ns did for this was push it into the water, climate stand appropriate in the middle and grab the center with both arms. Ns tried to control it when I had it got by moving left and also right, but even doing this it"s still tough. Try watching the video clip guide if it helps more. In this video guide I actually earned the achievement, so try and monitor it as finest you can. Basically I just rode down and help on because that dear life, and also once I got to the bottom, unlocked:
Surfer 80(30)
Don"t obtain wet while surfing down the mountain in "Water"
Unlocked through 4,258 tracked gamers (14% - TA ratio = 2.65)29,964
Now with that the end of the way, us can complete the level. You"ll an alert the water wheel is now turning, so when one that the chisels comes towards you, jump and also grab top top it and also lift you yourself up so you"re stand on it. You"ll an alert there is the tiniest platform on the next of the blade you"re was standing on, so ensure you"re hugging the side of the tongue so you"re was standing on that tiny platform as soon as the blade starts to walk vertical. As soon as the tongue is at the optimal by the huge platform with the diving board, jump over to it and also pull yourself up. If you"re struggling v this girlfriend can absolutely use the cheese technique to get up here. As soon as up here, press the switch and you"ll open up the exit, i beg your pardon is off in the distance. Head come the end of the diving board and jump off and also you"ll land an extremely close come the exit.
Now below you must be an extremely careful if you want one much more achievement. From where you land, carefully drop down to one of the steel grates just over the exit. Stand together close come the edge together you perhaps can and look straight down. Once you"re together close to the edge as you deserve to get and also are feather down, press
to collapse your body. This should an outcome in girlfriend going in head very first and unlocking:
Head very first 63(20)
Complete "Water" diving head-first
Unlocked through 2,985 tracked gamers (10% - TA ratio = 3.17)29,964
If girlfriend don"t obtain it this attempt, save trying. You"ll it is in rewarded for you efforts regardless however, due to the fact that if friend don"t go in head first, you"ll get: