I am trying come learn how to to speak "eat sht" in Spanish. I learned that for the command kind you usage the el/Ella/ud existing conjugation. I assumed that it would be said as "come mierda". Yet people in Mexico say the it is "como mierda". Which means is the correct way to command who to "eat sht"? Thanks!

I think they are telling you "como" so what you space really speak is " i eat". They should be pulling her leg. The command need to be one of two people "come" if it"s not blocked (with tú) or "coma" if it"s official (with usted)

I"m no a mexican or a aboriginal Spanish speak at all, therefore there might be something ns don"t know, however I do believe that "como" means "I eat." are you certain they"re no they"re no playing a joke on you?

And by the way, there probably is no correct method to tell someone to eat sh*t.

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I recognize that's what it way but literally everyone I'm asking is saying that. Plus i asked a housekeeper (changed sh*t to apples so i wouldn't sound weird) and she still claimed como for this reason it's no some cheat - ANDREW9551, JUN 21, 2017

Well, "comemierda" or "come mierda" is an insult in some nations of latin america. That is not exactly the same as "eat sht" because it is not a command but a noun ("eres un comemierda" together in "you are a sht-eater"). Take a look at this: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Come mierda

As a command, over there is one expression close to "eat sht" that is "vete a la mierda" and way something choose "go come the sht".

Nice language finding out for this Wednesday morning!


"Come". Ns don't know why people keep speak you "como", perhaps it has to do through an English misunderstanding. Anyways, it is "come", as you assumed. - Shamelesspanish, JUN 21, 2017

Shameless Spanish has given you fantastic answer. Words she to know is the Tu command of comer (come) add to the Spanish because that shxt. Ceiling in my mind slang words frequently vary their meaning and effect depending whereby you are. Ns assume that is the indistinguishable of calling someone a bullshxtter.

Here is a conversation in indigenous referenceWordreference

You have two an excellent answers from a capable Spanish learner and also a aboriginal speaker.

My check out is you have misheard the civilization you have talked to.

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You can inspect the conjugator in ~ the former of the site.

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I"m a little surprised the this inquiry was take away all the seriously. Ns was thinking around flagging it--considering that the assumed level here is somewhat greater than on other websites. Pues, estoy equivocada otra vez. :(

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I don't think anyone take it it all that seriously. Personally, i was torn between flagging it and also posting an answer. It appeared that the OP might be funning us, but I determined to answer on the off opportunity that I might learn other or be of assistance. - AnnRon, JUN 21, 2017