Traveling is among our favorite points to talk around. In fact, we constantly find ourselves asking others around recent trips and regularly acquire the best tips from those who competent a location or destination initially hand. In this write-up, we’ll share with you our 13 clever before methods to expand also on the well-known question “How was your trip”, to learn more around someone’s recent take a trip adundertaking.

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“How was your trip” – The go-to question to kick off a travel conversation. We are very intrigued to learn around new locations as well as listening to someone else’s opinion of a location we’ve already been. Here’s the quick list of our 13 go to questions we ask to dive deeper into the How was your expedition, conversation.

How is the culture? Are the locals friendly?How is the food?Is it packed through tourists?Is it expensive?What currency is used? Is credit and delittle bit cards accepted?Did you get good weather?Is the location greatly dependent on seasons?How did you acquire there? How was the trip, what course did you take?Did you usage public transportation?Did you learn anypoint new?Would you recommend it?Would you go again?

This question is even more certain for worldwide travel, but, tright here are plenty of cultures within the USA depending upon which area you visit. We love to ask around the culture to get an idea of what to mean. However this is totally subjective so if someone has a negative experience at a specific place, it does not suppose you will!

Asking if the locals are friendly ties carefully to the question around the society. However if you can obtain a gauge on whether the locals are friendly that will administer insight if a location is welcoming to tourists!

We found throughout our travels that Dennote (Copenhagen in particular) are some of the friendliest locals we’ve ever before met. But this is just from our experience!

Are you a foodie? If so then this is most likely your go to follow up question after “How was your trip?”! Many kind of places have actually at least one or 2 food meals or snacks that originated tright here and are need to tries! One of our favorite local meals is a Belgium Waffle, which we had when we visited Brussels, Belgium.

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Below is a snapshot of a neighborhood meal from a recent trip visiting Finland also.

Taylor and I tried a Finnish blueberry cake, cinnamon bon, and salted salmon through egg on rye bcheck out in Helsinki Finland

Many type of famous areas can be jammed fill through tourists. For instance, once we were in Switzerland also, we saw a lot of the mountain tops in the Swiss Alps. For one of the mountains we checked out, the Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch), tright here was a huge team of tourists that took over the entire place! Many of the moment we favor to protect against group tours so we often find ourselves asking this question and we will visit a location throughout off-top hrs to prevent the crowds.

This is a basic question yet you will easily obtain a gauge on exactly how expensive a details place is. Sometimes food is really expensive, however hospitality is fairly cheap and also vice versa. Sometimes, whatever is expensive, favor Switzerland also (HOLY SMOKES!). 

Just about everything is expensive in Switzerland, other than the cost-free drinking water!

 We uncovered that the Switzerland is the most expensive country we have went to so much, however Western Europe and Scandinausing are pretty expensive similar to the seaside cities in the United States. 

Southeast Asia is by much the cheapest area we’ve ever checked out. 

Anvarious other question that applies for more international take a trip. What money do they use and whether or not they accept crmodify or delittle cards. The latter component of this question is a game changer for us. We constantly attempt to pay through crmodify cards whenever possible to gain the best exchange rates while traveling, stop foreign exadjust fees, and to accumulate points and also miles for future travels.

The weather is among the many critical things that have the right to make or break a trip. Diving deeper into the conversation with did you obtain excellent weather have the right to bring about learning more if the success of a expedition is dependent on the weather. For example if someone is traveling to a beach area and it rained the entire time, their expedition might not be as enjoyable as if it was sun shine and also rainbows.

Understanding if a specific area is dependent on periods is good understanding for future take a trip. For instance, we live in a coastal city in New Jersey close to Atlantic City. Other than Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore pretty a lot shuts down after Labor Day until Memorial Day annually so you desire to keep that in mind if you want to acquire your typical Jersey Shore vacation.

Below are a couple of of our favorite post on points to execute close to the Jersey Shore:





I am always interested in the mode of transportation one took to gain to a specific destination. If someone decides to drive, fly, take a cruise, or train, it’s always exciting discovering why they decided the transport strategy.

For someone flying, you can often ask what path they took and if there’s a non-soptimal direct flight choice. I am a little bit of a trip geek so this sparks my interemainder.

Taylor and also I flying in business class on La Compagnie's all service course flight non stop from Newark to Paris. We supplied our Chase Ultimate Reward points to pay for this whole flight! Savings us $2,000!