The Brilliant fatality by A.R. Capetta

Gender have the right to also shift and change without any kind of such exterior forces. It have the right to move in ~ a genderfluid person’s feet, guiding them in a run they don’t always know the steps to. This deserve to be challenging when someone is an initial coming come terms v their gender, yet eventually they fall into a rhythm and also find a certain beautiful resonance through their expression and identity. The melody, the course, can constantly change, and also that have the right to be jarring — yet with the suitable support and also understanding, a genderfluid individual can shift and improvise until they again identify the steps.

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No matter what, though, these pieces of someone’s sex are always within lock already, also if castle haven’t ever manifested before. Though over there is no revolution certainty to a genderfluid person’s identification or expression, there is intrinsic truth and also authenticity to what they room experiencing.

When creating genderfluid characters, it’s important to know that yes no “correct” means to be genderfluid. Genderfluidity bucks the conception that static gender is intrinsic to the human being experience, and also writing genderfluid personalities requires the you rid yourself of that conception as well.

Writing Genderfluid Characters

Writing genderfluid characters can it is in a challenge for united state static gendered folx, yet it certainly isn’t impossible.

Make sure that friend aren’t reasoning of her character’s sex as a lightswitch — or, really, also as a dimmer switch. Genderfluid folx no confined come a an easy sliding scale between man and also woman, through neutral tucked comfortable in between, and also they definitely don’t just flick back and forth between the two binary genders!

I average — part might. Prefer I said, there’s no wrong method to be genderfluid. Many of the genderfluid folx i’ve talked to, though, find this to be a nice reductive way of writing genderfluid characters.

Also, don’t get too hung increase on pronouns. Specifically in writing, switching approximately pronouns for a character can get confusing. That’s not to to speak it can not be excellent — A.R. Capetta go an incredible job of that in The excellent Death, but it’s absolutely not easy!

My referral would be because that there to be a particular collection of pronoun which her character uses, such as they/them, through the allowance for others to use different pronouns through their permission. This is the approach I often tend to take it in my very own fiction. You could also make the so that different personalities know the genderfluid human by different genders — prefer Robin Hobb did through The silly in her realm of the Elderlings series. His biological sex was never revealed, yet he was known as a guy by one set of characters, as a mrs by another, and in later novels move freely between them.

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No matter what route you take, however, you’re more than likely going to have to have your character describe their sex identity at part point, so the the audience understands why did you do it made the an option to change pronouns around. Or, alternatively, if you’ve made decision to just stick v one sex neutral pronoun and change around her character’s expression, you’ll should make certain it’s clear that your personality is genderfluid fairly than some other vaguely identified non-binary gender identity.


If you’ve got a revolution gender, composing genderfluid personalities requires the you reevaluate just how you perceive sex itself. Divest you yourself of the idea that sex is inherently static, or the everyone experience their gender in the same way you do, and you’re currently off to a good start!

That’s it for this week! i’ll be back next week to proceed this conversation of composing genderfluid characters, however until then continue to be safe, continue to be healthy, and also keep writing!