In Subnautica: listed below Zero, players have the right to utilize the alien Containment items to farm their own an individual supply the fauna or start an aquarium.

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once traversing the many new environments and creatures found in Subnautica: below Zero, it is essential for explorers to create a base for themselves. Here, lock can store every the essential resources the they"ve harvested from your surroundings. In enhancement to a reliant oxygen supply, deepsea explorers also require a constant source the food. For Subnautica players, this is accomplished through the use of the Alien Containment unit.

together with its vault title, Subnautica: below Zero permits players the liberty to explore, analyze, and also categorize nearly everything lock come across. This includes several different varieties of both passive and also aggressive flora and also fauna. The alien Containment unit acts as a substantial aquarium tank wherein players have the right to display and also raise samples the the organisms uncovered outside your base.

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extraterrestrial Containment Location

to gain access to the extraterrestrial Containment unit, players will should unlock the item"s blueprints. These deserve to be discovered by scanning the extraterrestrial Containment fragment located in the Bow of the Mercury II wreckage. Here, football player can additionally discover the three fragments needed to unlock the blueprints for the Parallel processing Unit. But they"ll need to have crafted a Laser Cutter first.

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as soon as the blueprints are unlocked, football player will be able to construct an alien Containment unit by using the Habitat Builder. The cooking recipes calls because that 5x Glass and 2x Titanium. This item can be installed in a huge Room or a multipurpose Room. In cases where two or more of this rooms are stacked atop one another, placing a unit in both rooms will cause them to unify into a single, larger unit. This will also increase the volume of the tank by 10 per added Alien Containment unit stacked.

In stimulate to include flora and fauna, players will need to build a hatch onto the extraterrestrial Containment unit because that entry into the tank. Once inside, players deserve to release fish and also creature egg by dropping lock from their inventory. A single tank can hold as much as 10 fish. Players should avoid developing over-capacitated tanks, as overpopulation will halt more reproduction from their specimen.

Adding an ext fish can also lead to the fatality of the inhabitants of the tank. Plants deserve to be added using the Planter in ~ the base of the unit. As soon as the unit is built in a Multipurpose Room, the Planter has up come 16 slot for flora. When in a Large Room, the Planter have the right to have approximately 32 slots.

now that Subnautica: listed below Zero players deserve to ensure a consistent supply of the resources necessary for making it through the deep blue, they can emphasis their fist on experimenting the countless mysteries of these alien, arctic waters.

Subnautica: listed below Zero is currently easily accessible for the PC, game stations 4, playstations 5, Switch, Xbox One, and also Xbox series X/S.