I've checked out miscellaneous sources say that cookie dough in the fridge is good for 3-5 days. Many cookie dough has actually the majority of fat and also sugar, so I'd think the active water content would certainly be low sufficient to retard spoilage, but just how perform you tell if it's actually gone bad? E.g., if it is 3-5 days, how carry out you recognize if it's negative after 3 days or if it's still good on day 5?

I'm not looking for an answer to "is my particular dough safe to eat," I'm trying to learn what is the correct way of figuring this out.

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I posted this to r/askbaking, however haven't received any kind of replies. I'm hoping someone right here deserve to point me in the best direction.


It even more likely relies on the specific type of dough. Cookies deserve to look 101 ways. What else is in it? Oats? Fresh fruit? Dried Fruit? Chocolate Chips? It's not so much about it being unsafe after 3 days bereason the general ingredients of a cookie that could go wrong (ie eggs) will still be fine if it's been in the fridge the whole time, however even more the moisture influence on the additions.

If you are wanting to store cookies for a while they freeze excellent as well. Pre-form them. freeze on a flat surface, and then once frozen move to a sealed bag. They can go ideal into the cooktop from frozen.

That makes sense. The specific doughs that inspired the question were ginger cookie dough and also cacao chip cookie dough, however it was intfinished as a more comprehensive 'finest practices' question.

I age them for a pair days based on Serious Eat's cacao chip cookie post, however have a halittle of forgaining to freeze them on day 3.

It's going to be smell and also appearance. Since of the high sugar and fat content, you are basically came to around mold, bacterial fermentation, and rancidity. Mold you'll view, fat rancidity and also fermentation will certainly smell sour. If you acquire to a point wright here you should age cookie dough and also can't be bothered to bake it after its aging, just freeze it. Cookies bake up fine from frozen, they simply take a little little bit longer.

That provides many feeling. So basically if it passes the taste/smell/look tests, that likely covers the pathogens that would thrive in dough?

I go generally via smell and taste, then texture. If it still smells and also tastes fine, and also it hasn't dried out or adjusted in a weird method, it's still good.

Taste and also smell are simple, however the dried out component is harder for me to tell. I age the cookies for a couple of days in the fridge to deliberately dry out the surface for a far better surconfront texture as soon as baked.

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