As girlfriend might currently know, a video is essentially just a collection of tho photos shown in quick succession. As soon as played back, these fast-moving images trick her mind right into perceiving movement. A time-lapse video, by contrast, is a collection of tho photos taken over a longer duration of time and played earlier at the very same speed as a regular video. The an outcome is an amazing compression that time — think clouds zooming throughout the sky, flowers conveniently bursting right into bloom, and day transforming to night in the blink of one eye.

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Armed through your iPhone, part patience, and also a little bit of creativity, friend can easily make a time-lapse video clip of your own. This guide will help you gain started with producing beautiful and easy time-lapses.


Understanding time-lapse top top iPhone

Using your iPhone to record a time-lapse video is made basic through Time-lapse setting in her Camera app. This feature allows your call to immediately shoot 1–2 frames per second for as long as you want, make it easier than ever before to catch unique time-lapse videos through the tap of a button.

What is time-lapse, and also what walk the surname mean?

Time-lapse is a famous photographic an approach used to speed up the late of time. By recording a series of photographs portraying a scene that usually changes slowly over time and then increasing the playback, you deserve to make the activity appear to occur unnaturally quickly.

How time-lapse functions on iPhone

Unlike shooting a time-lapse v a classic camera, shooting through an iPhone method that every the ready is done for you behind the scenes. As soon as you select Time-lapse mode on your iPhone, it will automatically shoot her scene in ~ 1–2 frames per second, relying on how lengthy you select to shoot for.

Most time-lapse recordings on iphone play ago in 20–40 seconds, nevertheless of exactly how long you shoot. That’s due to the fact that the much longer you record, the fewer frames will certainly be captured each second, and also the an ext dramatic the final result will be.

How much faster is time-lapse?

Your time-lapse video clip will play back at 30 frames per second, and also the last speed will rely on how much footage you’ve captured with your iPhone. If you’ve taped for much less than 10 minutes, the iphone phone Camera app will catch 2 frames every second. Once played back, this outcomes in a final video that is 15x common speed.

If friend record more than 10 minute of footage utilizing the Time-lapse feature, her iPhone will certainly discard fifty percent of the frames you’ve currently captured in order to keep the video short. Your final video will now be 30x common speed. The more footage you shoot, the much more your structure rate will drop, and also the faster your final video clip will become.

Shooting time-lapse photography

Now for the fun component — gaining out and also shooting your own time-lapse videos v your iPhone. You’ll uncover that the Time-lapse attribute in the Camera app is fairly intuitive come use. The more you create, the much better your time-lapse videos will certainly become. Here’s an introduction of exactly how to use your iPhone for time-lapse photography, and some tips because that making your time-lapses stand out.

How to use the Time-lapse feature

Open your Camera application on her iPhone.Scroll with the shooting choices right over the shutter button and tap Time-lapse.When friend are ready to record, madness the red record button.Tap the red record button again as soon as you desire to protect against recording.Your time-lapse video clip will be saved to your picture library under Recents and Time-lapse.

How come shoot a better-quality time-lapse video

Time-lapse videos work ideal when you are shooting a slow-moving scene, favor the adjust from day to night or a flower opening as much as the sun. Friend can also get an innovative with her time-lapse videos by shooting street scenes with crowds the people, web traffic at a liven intersection, or a DIY task at home. No issue what you choose as your subject matter for your following time-lapse, here are some tips to make it better:

Always usage a tripod. The key to an awesome time-lapse is capturing movement in several frames indigenous the very same spot, and also the easiest way to carry out this is through a tripod and also a far shutter.Use AF/AE Lock. You desire the focus and exposure to be the very same for every framework in her time-lapse, therefore be certain to hold your finger down on the screen and lock the exposure and focus prior to shooting.Shoot v a complete battery. Not surprisingly, shoot a long recording choose a time-lapse will require a most juice, and also you don’t want your iphone phone to die prior to you finish. Make certain your battery is completely charged before beginning your time-lapse project.

Fresh concepts for a time-lapse video

Classic time-lapse videos encompass the setting sun and also clouds zooming overhead, yet that’s simply the beginning. Once you acquire those creative juices flowing, you’ll find that inspiration for time-lapse videos are everyone. Below are a few ideas:

An city street scene. Uncover an interesting vantage suggest where girlfriend can record a busy component of your town or city. Shoot because that at the very least 30 minutes and also see what her camera comes up with. Try shooting the very same scene at different times the the day.The tides going in and also out. S tides go in and out double a day at a cycle that is about 12 hrs long, which means you can record the time between high and also low birds in around 6 hours. Look for a spot that will enable you to record wildlife (crabs, birds, and also insects), and also the tide going in and also out.

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A fun art project. See a work of art transform before your eyes deserve to make because that a mesmerizing time-lapse video. Collection your camera up on a tripod aimed at a empty piece of record and record one or 2 frames per 2nd as you sketch, draw, or paint.A DIY or construction project. Whether you’re baking a new recipe or remodeling her bathroom, this procedure can be caught as a from begin to finish. Find a great vantage suggest where your phone won’t be in the way, collection it up, and get to occupational on her project. (This is a an excellent one to share with other DIYers for inspiration.)