You say "three soldier of a cup" or "three fifths the a cup". In united state English you periodically come throughout "fourths" instead of "quarters" yet that is inexplicable elsewhere.

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It would likewise be much more natural come say, because that example, "half a cup of spinach", quite than "one half-cup of spinach".

For various other fractions v numerator 1, friend would usually say "a 3rd of a cup", "a 4 minutes 1 of a cup", etc.


All this numbers room fractions, i m sorry is the answer come the location of her question. The instances you use suggest that friend actually desire to know how to pronounce these fractions.

In addition to the exactly answer through user3724662, permit me mention that one expression such together "2/x" is pronounced as "two end x". The usage of "over" may also be much easier once the numbers involved become very big (compare "eleven over ninetynine" with "eleven ninetynineths").


3/4 can be three fourths or three quarters or three end four. 3/5 have the right to be three fifths or three over five.See the table:

1/2 - one-half or a half or one and a half

1/3 - one-third or a third

2/3 - two-thirds or two over three

1/4 - one-fourth or one end four or a quarter

2/4 - two-fourths or two over four or two quarters

3/4 - three-fourths or three end four or three quarters

1/5 - one-fifth or one over five

2/5 - two-fifths or two over five

3/5 - three-fifths or three end five

4/5 - four-fifths or four over five

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